Coffee and Jazz – The Story Behind Iron & Fire

Iron & Fire speciality roast coffee are madly passionate about  coffee….

A life long obsession, a continual search for great coffee beans and 10 years spent in Melbourne Australia where great coffee is a way of life has moved the understanding and love of coffee to new heights. But more importantly we really care about our beans and where they are sourced. We realize that coffee can has the power to change lives – not only make it possible for you survive a day at work, or make a beautiful morning even more beautiful, or help you understand quantum physics at least while the caffeine is pumping through the cerebellum, but it can genuinely make a difference to the people growing and picking the coffee and the surrounding communities involved in the coffee industry.

We are roasting coffee on a highly modified small batch coffee roaster which allows us to really play with the roasting profile of the coffee with some amazing results. Roasting is all about balance and the development of the chemical makeup of the coffee bean.. It’s like a great jazz piece with each component of the music combining to make something truly great ..  We find the more complex we make the roast, the more individual acids and flavours that are developed, the more complex getting the balance right becomes .. For example the roasting fast in a straight line to a dark roast will not develop very few flavour components, it will give you the traditional, safe, bitter, slightly burnt coffee we are used to at the many of the high street chains, undrinkable without the addition of syrups and added flavours. The positives are it cuts through milk well and bitter and sweet go quite well together.  Basically what you have in jazz terms is one guy on a trumpet.

Now if you bring in all the other guys, double base , saxophone, piano , drums , trombone and why not throw in a great voice too you have something potentially amazing. But it only works if they are all in sync with each other, one complementing the other. So it is with coffee.

So come join us in our obsession , whether you like the high notes of the alto sax or the subtle low base line of double base, talk to us, we can roast you a coffee that will make you smile and make a good day great .

By buying only the best coffee from farms that respect their work force or directly from independent growers we can all make a small positive change to the world whilst sharing with you some amazing individual roasted coffees.