Supporting the Fabaretto Project – why where we source our coffee matters

where is the best place to buy viagra in uk One of our most popular coffees this year is our Nicaraguan Cerro de Jesus single origin. This is certainly a special coffee – bright, distinctive and beautifully balanced with syrupy sweet cantaloupe melon and
clemantine orange flavours coming through. This beautiful coffee is grown northern Nicaragua in one of the most impoverished communities in Central America where poverty and child malnutrition is rife. In the Nueva Segovia province, where this Cerro de Jesus lot comes from, malnutrition is endemic, with 27.7% of children suffering from chronic malnutrition. The Fabretto foundation is a non-profit organisation that focuses on issues of child poverty and malnutrition throughout Nicaragua. It has worked to address these issues through investment in education at early primary and secondary school level, with well trained teachers to inform young children and parents of the importance of nutrition and education.

viagra commercial model 2018 Sales of this coffee contribute to a project set up by the Fabretto foundation which is helping to provide schooling for children of the 300 workers who live on the farm.

go site So far the project has also funded:

  • 10 school kitchens in order to provide children with 50% of their daily calorific needs.
  • Education and nutrition workshops for 250 parents and teachers across the Mozonte municipality.
  • 160 hours of training for primary and pre-school teachers over the project period and the provision of Montessori learning materials in order to implement the new learning approach., So far a number of parent/teacher workshops have taken place with 24 teachers participating in the initial training programme and construction of the 10 school kitchens is underway! This is a great project and shsows us all how where we buy our coffee, or anyhitng else for that matter, really does count and can make a difference.

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Why Rural Education Works