Iron & Fire Speciality Coffee Roaster offer a high quality selection of hand roasted coffee beans sourced from around the world. Our single origin coffee beans are ethically sourced, responsibly packaged and carefully selected based on their exceptional taste profile.

All our coffees are freshly roasted to order in-house at our coffee roastery in Shropshire, UK by our highly skilled roaster to bring out the unique flavour in every bean. Find out more about our roasting process and the equipment we use.

All our coffee beans are available to buy online directly on our website or if you are a trade customer, you can buy beans wholesale via your trade account.

Our single origin varieties rotate depending on harvest times and their seasonal availability. We always have a range of taste profiles to suit every preference and there are plenty of resources on this website to help you select the right coffee for you. We are also always on-hand to talk coffee so do drop us a line or if you live nearby, pop in and see us at the roastery.


Not all coffees are equal. Some coffees are less forgiving to work with than others, and harder to dial in on your coffee machine. Have you got the time to dial in an exotic coffee, or are you looking for something easier to work with? More importantly, before selecting the right coffee for your business, look at your customer profile.

The UK is becoming more of a coffee loving nation every day. We still have a long way to go in comparison to other countries such as Australia, but your average customer is more discerning about their coffee than ever before.

We at Iron & Fire understand the changing market and can recommend the best coffee for you and your customers. Whether you are an established business looking to keep up with rising customer expectations, or a start up coffee shop, we offer all the advice and provisions for coffee, equipment and training you need to get you on your way to serving excellent coffee.


Iron & Fire is a family business and our strong ethos is central to everything we do from our sourcing to our high level of customer service. We are careful about how we select our coffees, not only based on their quality and taste profile but also their origins and accreditations. Many of our coffees are Rainforest Alliance and Organically certified. Those that aren’t have been selected from independent farms so we can support the growers directly. The proceeds from some of our coffees go towards some fantastic community projects in the growing areas of Africa, Central and southern America.

We are also environmentally conscious. We use compostable packaging and run a composting scheme from the Iron & Fire Coffee roastery in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Feel free to return your bags to us for composting and if you enjoy a spot of gardening, come and collect a bag of our ‘coffee chaff’ or ‘husks’ which can be reused as pet bedding, mulch and compost amongst other things! Click here to read our blog on coffee recycling.


The Guild of Fine Food
Speciality coffee association
Rainforest Alliance certified

With 30% certified coffee now, we’re working towards buying more of our coffee from Rainforest Alliance Certified farms all the time.

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