Faema Espresso Coffee Machines

Coming from the home of great coffee, this Italian company’s mission for over 70 years has been to provide coffee machines which enhance the passion of making great coffee. Since the end of the Second World War Faema have been building and developing coffee machines which have led the industry.  They are justifiably proud that their current machines are made using recyclable materials and eco-compatible plastics, but their central goal is to produce espresso coffee machines which allow baristas to fully express their art.

Faema E61 Legend S2 Espresso Coffee Machine

Faema E61 Legend 2 Group Semi-Automatic Manual Espresso Machine

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The stunning 2 Group Semi-Automatic Manual Espresso Machine is part of the E61 range from famous Italian manufacturer Faema. A traditional design made with updated devices makes this stylish espresso machine both retro and modern in looks.

The E61 range is unique, as it is the first machine to use a volumetric pump to give the water the ideal 9-atmosphere pressure and keep the pressure constant during the whole extraction process, unlike lever machines. It includes an automatic boiler fill, a built in volumetric pump, two pressure gauges, to control the pump and the boiler pressure, and the adjustable thermal balancing system (Faema patent). Thanks to the preinfusion system, the extension of the contact time between the water and the ground coffee before extraction favours optimal extraction when it comes to the organoleptic properties of the espresso.

Faema are passionate about using only recyclable materials and eco-compatible plastics, and all the machinery and installations are cleaned using ecological detergents specially developed for the group. Faema’s installations are all carefully designed to ensure optimal energy efficiency and reduce consumption- which is just another factor that makes us love these machines at Iron and Fire.

We have years of experience with these espresso machines and offer all the training you need to get you on your way to serving amazing coffee on a stunning coffee machine.

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Iron & Fire has a dedicated barista training centre based at our roastery in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. We offer a range of coffee courses and all our trade customers can benefit from our free wholesale barista training course.

We can train on site as part of our espresso machine set up service and then on-going at our centre. Send over your staff to improve their barista skills – we will teach them how to make the best coffee – improve your reputation as a business serious about great coffee.


We work with a range of businesses from large established hotels, garden centres and cafes, through to small, independent coffee shops. We also work with many start up businesses and are always happy to offer advice and support. We find we get asked the same sort of questions again and again and so we have put together a few considerations into various blogs on this website about the many elements of setting up a cafe.

From our perspective, whether you business is new or established, great coffee always makes good sense. The market has changed and right now, the single most important factor and one that will make the most difference on its own, it’s your coffee offering.