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Buy Recycled Coffee Sack Hats from Iron & Fire UK

We have a lot of love and passion for coffee, coffee is a product of the earth, as such, we love to keep things as economically friendly as viable at Iron & Fire.

It was our eco-friendly attitude that gave us the idea of selling our recycled coffee sack hats. Not only are our coffee sack hats a great statement for both coffee lovers and lovers of the environment alike, but they’re a great way for us to reduce waste!

Made from great high-quality coffee sack material, these hats are available in three different styles:

Pork Pie Hats – A classic hat design perfect for achieving a vintage style.

Castro Caps – Another classic that has recently seen a resurgence in young ladies’ fashion.

Flat Caps – Not just for the peaky blinders, another classic, though this has had a revival amongst young men, probably fans of the show.

Have a look below at our recycled coffee sack hats, and see which classic style you love best.

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