Honduran Speciality Coffee CAPUCAS


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This Honduran speciality coffee is an RFA, organic, and fairtrade coffee that boasts delightful milk chocolate, cherry and spiced orange notes. It hails from Honduras’s Capucas, grown on and around the Celaque mountain at 2,870masl.

This Honduran speciality coffee comes from Cooperativa Cafetalera Capucas Limitada (Cocafcal), or Capucas as they are better known. Capucas was founded in 1999 by Jose Omar Rodriguez and takes its name from the local town of Las Capucas.

The journey this coffee takes is one of meticulous care. The cherries, picked at the peak of ripeness, are meticulously processed, washed, and dried in solar dryers. They are then stored in parchment before being transported to the port of Puerto Cortés.

Interestingly, the coffee trees are pruned to a low height so it is easier to pick the cherries. This is made possible through staggered pruning: in the first year they prune to 180cm, 170cm in the second year, 160cm third year and 150cm in the fourth year. Then, when the tree is cut down to the bottom, the trunk is strong enough to support the new growth.

A rich and fruity coffee with tasting notes of cacao, hazelnut and nutmeg, this is not one to miss. This coffee works well in milk-based espresso drinks, aeropress, and moka pot.

Country: Honduras
Region: Copán
Farm: Cocafcal
Variety: Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Icatu, Obata, Parainema
Altitude: 1450 – 1600masl
Process: Washed

Coffee Recipe

We have enjoyed this Honduran speciality coffee via Aeropress.


  • 20g in, topped with 80g of 95 degree water.
  • Allow to brew for 1minute 30 seconds, flipped and pressed.
  • Topped with 200g of extra water to dilute.
Processing method


Roast level



Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso machine, Moka pot, Pour over/filter


Central America

Taste profile

Hazelnut, Cacao, Nutmeg


Intense & Full bodied

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  1. AdrianBurns

    I swap between this and the Colombian Jazz for my first coffee each morning. I’ve tried a lot of different coffees from a lot of different roasters and these two are probably the best I’ve ever had.

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