Indonesian Old Brown Java Coffee

A red honey processed coffee that comes with a kick. A delicious combination of sweetness balanced acidity, and dark chocolate notes with hints of almond.

Taste Profile: Spice

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The Indonesian Old Brown Java coffee is a unique 6-year monsoon-aged bean. This coffee offers an exquisite and unique experience, reminiscent of dark, panelled billiard rooms. Aged, smokey and low acidity, it has been roasted by Iron and Fire to bring out the oaky tobacco flavour notes. This is darker than our usual coffees –  great as a cafetiere or an espresso-based coffee. If you are looking for something different, we recommend you try this Old Brown Java. Enjoy with a hamlet!

Monsoon aging is a process that consists of exposing the coffee to the humidity caused by the Monsoon storms that hit the Java coastal region. During the days when sailing ships were used, the coffee from Indonesia took about six months to arrive in Europe; during that time the coffee was affected by humidity and changed its flavour and appearance, when the Suez Canal was opened and the steamboats appeared, the time for coffee to reach Europe was reduced and the coffee beans were no longer affected as when in the old sailing days. 

Consumers in Europe started missing the flavour; therefore, the Monsoon process was created in order to imitate the effect of long exposure to humidity.


220g, 500g, 1kg


Whole Beans, Aeropress grind, Cafetiere / French press grind, Pour over grind, Espresso grind



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Cafetiere, Espresso machine, Moka pot


Monsooned Aged

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