Lever Coffee Machines

Delivering you the wow factor

Iron & Fire Speciality Coffee Roaster is an approved Fracino supplier and offers the full range of coffee machines at highly competitive prices. Coupled with our dedicated customer service including free set up and training on our machines, we have serviced many satisfied customers and believe we offer excellent value for money.

We specialise in lever espresso machines so although we can supply the full range of coffee machines, when it comes to leasing or renting a machine, lever espresso machines are usually our first choice. Iron & Fire has years of experience with these machines and offer all the set up and training you will need, all included in the price. Lever espresso machines offer excellent value for money, are easy and inexpensive to maintain, offer an exceptional coffee and really look the part.



WOW FACTOR – Competition is tough and customer expectations are rising all the time when it comes to their coffee experience and so visual impact along with great coffee will make you stand out from the rest. Without a doubt, a traditional lever espresso machine will create that extra WOW factor for your business. They are strikingly beautiful and will often lead to lots of questions from your customers as to how it works. This is a great opportunity to share knowledge and enhance your customers coffee experience.

EASY TO MAINTAIN – There is so much less to ‘break’ on a hand pulled lever espresso machine and so they are much cheaper to maintain. The more automated a machine becomes, the more we are relying on computers and software to allow for the extraction to occur and therefore the more that can go wrong. This is where a lever machine really excels as there is very little electronically going on. Also there is no back-flushing required at the end of the day to clean the machine.

QUALITY – Using a lever machine has true romantic connotations in the world of coffee as its use is much more about the “feel” of the coffee than other automatic machines. The barista has so much more effect on the end result and so these machines can really produce superior coffee.

SILENT EXTRACTION – No noisy electrical buzzing to accompany your coffee making. A clean and silent extraction – music to any coffee lover’s ears


A continual search for great coffee beans and 10 years spent in Melbourne Australia where great coffee is a way of life has led to Iron and
Fire. We really care where our beans are sourced and by buying only the best coffee from farms that respect their workforce, or directly from independent growers, we can make a small positive change to the world whilst sharing with you some of the most amazing hand roasted coffees from across the globe.