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0.6ml barista milk frothing jug

0.6l Milk Frothing Jug

£9.96 Exc. VAT

0.6l (600ml) quality milk frothing jug for steaming and latte art. Made of high-quality stainless steel, this will keep the temperature consistent as you steam the milk.

Chocista luxury chocolate flakes

Chocista Luxury Chocolate Flakes


Flakes of real Belgian chocolate blend effortlessly into hot milk for the most indulgent experience.  43% cocoa real chocolate flakes

Offering a premium real hot chocolate has never been easier.

The flakes come in one kilo bags. Recommended as flaked topping on your powdered chocolate drink or, for a complete chocista drink, use the recommended 40g serve. With up to 18 months shelf life it is perfectly suited for the busy high street cafe through to the quietest of hidden gems.




Crema Pro Large Knock Box 175ml

£29.00 Exc. VAT

This free-standing lightweight Cream pro knock-box is ideal for use in smaller cafes or for domestic use with your home espresso machine to easily remove and dispose of unwanted coffee grind without damaging your group handle. It is hard wearing, non slip and easy to clean.

group head cleaning brush

Group head cleaning brush

£3.50 Exc. VAT

Group head cleaning brush for espresso machines both at home and commercial. Essential item to keep your coffee machine clean and prevent leaks.

Mazzer Super Jolly grinder blades

Mazzer Super Jolly Grinder Blades – 64mm RH

£21.76 Exc. VAT

Mazzer Super Jolly grinder blades. These replacement burrs for the Mazzer Super Jolly (33M are the new burrs for the Super Jolly from Mazzer. Compatible burrs suitable for single phase Mazzer Super Jolly Doser and Electronic grinders.

Diameter: 64mm Inside Diameter: 37mm


Puly caff group head coffee machine cleaner

Puly Caff Coffee Machine Cleaner

£9.30 Exc. VAT

Puly Caff Cleaning Powder is a cleaning supply for all professional baristas and is ideal for use as a cleaning supply for hotels, cafes and restaurants. Puly Caff maintains your machine to prolong its lifespan and ensure it stays pristine and functions to its optimum.

Use the powdered cleaner to ‘backflush’ your machine removing residual build-up from your machines brewing valves and tubes. Iron & Fire recommend doing this once a week.

Puly milk liquid cleaner

Puly Milk Coffee Machine Liquid Cleaner

£11.75 Exc. VAT

PULY MILK  for Steam Wand and Milk Frother Cleaning

Use to clean and sterilise Auto Milk Frothers and Steam Wands. Daily use ensures the complete elimination of all internal
and external residues and sharp decrease in bacterial agents. Pulymilk® does not leave any residues and does not contain harmful substances for consumers or coffee machines.
1 Litre bottle with measuring cap. Suitable for all Commercial Bean to Cup machines and all domestic bean to cup machines.

Tamping Mat

£12.00 Exc. VAT

High quality silicone tamping mat in a compact size made suitable for even the smallest coffee tables. Durable and anti-slip.


Wooden Tamper

£24.00 Exc. VAT

This beautiful, quality wooden espresso tamper is designed with quality, functionality and convenience in mind. Suitable for most 58mm diameter portafilter’s baskets with a full rippled stainless-steel base and a beautiful designer checkered wooden handle. An Ideal gift for any espresso lover!