The African continent has vast spaces and a massive variety of conditions across the multitude of its countries which grow coffee. This means that it has an incomparable variety of coffees to offer. From the gentle floral notes of Ethiopian and Kenyan coffees to the more robust, fruity flavours coming from the Ivory Coast and the Democratic Republic of Congo, the twenty main coffee producing countries can’t fail to offer something special, something guaranteed to please and this is why we are always proud to offer African coffees to our customers.

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Ethiopian coffee beans

Ethiopian Sidamo speciality coffee beans | floral, sweet, grapefruit


This beautiful coffee from Ethiopia has a lot to offer. When made as an espresso it has a medium body with a light floral aroma. On the palate it is sweet and has a bright grapefruit acidity.

When you brew this coffee using a filter method you are welcomed by more of those floral notes and a complex lively citrus acidity with a light body. One to try!

  • medium bodied (espresso)
  • fruity
  • floral
  • bright acidity (grapefruit)
  • Sweet
  • complex

Ethiopian tasting notes


Morning Glory Speciality Blend – Great Taste Award | full bodied, sweet, citrus


A blend of two single origin African and South American speciality beans, we are delighted to announce this coffee had been given a 2 star ‘outstanding’ Great Taste award by the prestigious Guild of Fine food. We have carefully roasted this coffee to bring out its fullness, distinct citrus flavours and hint of sweetness. A beautiful start to the day.

Morning Glory tasting notes


Roaster's choice coffee subscription

Roaster’s Choice Speciality Coffee


Our favourite and most popular coffees. The very best of what we have, ethically sourced beans from around the world,  roasted to give a full complex speciality taste. A real ‘go-to’ for all coffee lovers who want to have the best coffee we have.

Colombian Jazz tasting notes