Coffee Courses & Barista Training from Iron & Fire UK

One of the best ways of spreading our love for coffee that we have found is via our coffee education and barista training courses. We offer a range of courses from our family-run coffee roastery in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

Who Can Benefit from Our Coffee Courses?

Our coffee courses can be enjoyed and used by any coffee lover who wants to learn and improve their coffee making abilities.

Here are a few examples of the people we help via our coffee education and barista training courses:

Coffee Shop / Cafe Owners – Whether you currently own/run a coffee shop or cafe, or are planning on opening one. Iron & Fire can help you improve your coffee business with coffee education courses and barista training courses for you and any potential staff.

Baristas – If you’re a barista, or aspiring barista, it’s easy to see how our barista training course would be useful. Be at the top of your coffee making game and make beautiful cups of coffee that your customers will love, and your boss will reward.

Coffee Business Owners – A similar thing to helping cafe owners, we’ve helped many general coffee business owners to understand the economics and logistics of running a coffee business in the UK.

Coffee Lovers! – As aforementioned, we get a lot of coffee lovers in the school wanting to do a course just to advance their knowledge and passion for coffee. We love developing people’s passion for coffee, and our course students have loved learning about their passion!


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Iron & Fire Speciality Coffee Beans

Introduction to Coffee Education Course

£40.00 Exc. VAT

Run from our speciality coffee roastery in Shrewsbury, this course is ideal for home coffee enthusiasts who want to know more about coffee.

Learn about the origins of coffee and the grower to cup process. Put your sensory skills to the test tasting great coffees from around the world. Learn how to make delicious coffee at home – try making pour over, cafetiere, aeropress and espresso. Try your hand at latte art on our state of the art lever machine.

A perfect gift for coffee lovers!

Pro Barista course

Pro Barista Coffee Education Course

£40.00 Exc. VAT

Run from our speciality coffee roastery in Shrewsbury, this Barista Training & Latte Art course is ideal for more serious coffee enthusiasts who want to further develop their coffee making skills.

Hone your coffee making skills with this more exacting approach to coffee making. Learn how to set your grinder to suit your coffee and method of brewing. Time, weigh and taste and examine rations. Learn what goes into making the perfect espresso and perfect your milk steaming and latte art. Be prepared to drink a lot of coffee!

A perfect gift for coffee lovers.

Wholesale barista course

Wholesale Coffee Education Course

Call for Price

This Free Coffee Training Course is for our Wholesale customers only. Run from our speciality coffee roastery in Shrewsbury every month, send your staff over for barista training. They will hone their skills on the same machines we supply.