Choose from our fine range of green coffees from around the world. Responsibly grown and carefully sourced our green beans are suitable for home roasting and preparing your own coffee, choose from a range of decaffeinated green beans and a variety of single origin green coffee beans.

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Rwandan Huye Mountain micro lot single origin green beans

Brazilian Fazenda Paredao – green beans for home roasting


Green coffee beans for home roasting.

These Rainforest Alliance Brazilian single origin coffee beans are brought to us by Pedro Humberto Veloso, who has been producing speciality coffee since 1977. Fazenda Paredao is situated in the region of Cerrado Mineiro a specialty-producing region of Brazil. This is a beautiful, exotic coffee which should be carefully roasted to bring out the natural honey and chocolate undertones with apple and grape flavours coming through.

Rwandan tasting notes


Colombian decaf green beans

Colombian Huila Green Beans for home roasting


Green beans carefully selected for your home roasting.

This Colombian bean originates from small holders primarily  based within the Huila region in the South West of Colombia. This area is also home to Colombia’s second highest peak: the Nevado del Huila volcano. This region has all the attributes that are needed to produce an exceptional coffee; volcanic soils, high altitude, plenty of rainfall and forests that provide shade. Traditional farming methods are still used to produce this world-renowned high quality coffee.

Decaf tasting notes