Rwandan Nova Fully Washed Single Origin Coffee Beans – Lemon, Fig, Dark Chocolate


These single origin Rwandan Nova Fully Washed coffee beans have been brought to us by Agnes Mukamushinja and her team based at the Nova Washing Station in Northern Rwanda. A well balanced, sweet coffee with notes of lemon and fig. A dark chocolate body provides a deliciously clean and bright finish. One to try!




Nova Washing Station is located at 1,482m in the district of Gicumbi of Northern Rwanda and was built in 2005 as a cooperative run mini-washing station. Coffees are pulped using a 3-disk pupler machine, and then dry and wet fermented before sun drying on raised beds. Coffees processed at the Nova Washing Station grow in volcanic soil on farms nearby at 1,750m.

The Nova Washing Station is female run, by Agnes Mukamushinja. Agnes and her husband Felix Hitayezu bought the site in 2013, with plans to increase the capacity of operations. Agnes is dedicated to producing the best possible coffee and using it to transform her community.

Farm: Nova Washing Station, Northern Rwanda
Altitude: 1750 masl
Location: Gicumbi, Northern Rwanda
Preparation: Washed and sun dried
Variety: Red Bourbon

Additional information

Weight N/A
Tasting notes

Balanced, Sweet, Lemon, Fig, Chocolate


220g, 500g, 1kg


Whole Beans, Aeropress grind, Cafetiere / French press grind, Pour over grind, Espresso grind, Moka grind

Good as

Cafetiere, Espresso, Pour over


Iron and Fire


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