Sage Barista Home Coffee Machines

sage barista pro espresso machine stainless steel

Iron & Fire are delighted to be approved suppliers of all Sage models

Tips & Advice For Using Your Sage Coffee Machine

Sage Barista Express

How do I dial in my Sage Barista Express?

Step by step guide to dialling in your Sage Barista Express In this blog we will be giving you a step by step breakdown of easily dialling in your Sage Barista Express – and other Sage espresso machines – to get the best out of your espresso machine and coffee beans. Step One- When we…

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Sage precisionbrewer coffee machine

What kind of beans should I use in my Sage espresso coffee machine?

Ours, clearly. All joking aside, what we do at Iron & Fire, and why, is a good lesson in the kind of beans which you should be buying. We carefully source our beans in small quantities. By doing this, independent roasters circumvent the massive international trade in coffee beans which pays the farmers so poorly…

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How do I clean my Sage Espresso Machine?

Making coffee can be a dusty, messy, oily business and keeping your espresso machine clean is vital for ensuring that you make the best coffee possible. The processes for cleaning the Sage espresso machines are essentially the same across most of the range and are quick and simple once you are familiar with them. They…

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sage bambino plus black truffle

Which is the Best Sage Coffee Machine for Home Use?

There is something special about live music: the drama, the spectacle, the unpredictability and the art. Somehow recorded music just doesn’t live up to the experience, it is still good, but it simply doesn’t quite have the magic of being in the same space as the musicians. It can be the same with coffee: we…

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Hand Roasted Coffee For Using Your Sage Coffee Machine

Sage Coffee Machines

Sage is a part of the Australian Breville brand which has been producing kitchen products for over 50 years. The brand, its products and its reputation has been exported across the world. In the few years since the Sage brand’s 2013 launch in the UK it has built up an enviable reputation for quality kitchen equipment including food processors and kettles. Included in this portfolio of products are a market-leading range of home-espresso machines and coffee grinders which have achieved unprecedented popularity and reputation among amateur and professional coffee-lovers alike.


Do you love coffee? At Iron & Fire, we adore coffee. We know that once tasted, great coffee cannot be ignored. This is why we started the Iron & Fire Coffee Club. So that you can have some of the nicest possible blends without having to work for it.

Each month or fortnight, depending on the coffee subscription you choose, you will have either 1 or 2 bags of our premium hand roasted coffee beans / grind delivered to your door.