Wholesale Coffee Supplier

UK wide coffee roaster supplier offering award winning speciality coffee beans. Espresso machine leasing & purchase, coffee machine repairs & and maintenance and barista training.

Wholesale coffee supplier

UK wide coffee roaster. Award winning speciality coffees. Espresso machine leasing & purchase, coffee machine repairs and maintenance & barista training

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Our wholesale coffee beans and your business

Iron & Fire Speciality Coffee Roaster is a Shropshire based quality coffee roaster and UK coffee supplier of freshly roasted coffee beans of the finest quality. 

We only offer the best quality in-season coffee beans, also supplying organic coffee beans, fair trade coffee beans and rainforest alliance coffee beans hand roasted in-house at our premises in Shrewsbury. We deliver freshly roasted coffee across Shropshire, the West Midlands, Birmingham and UK wide and we also supply coffee and espresso machines UK wide with a comprehensive repairs and maintenance service. Visit our Trade website to learn how we can support you with your coffee offering.


Serve award winning hand roasted coffee to meet rising expectations for better coffee in a rapidly expanding market. Stand out from the crowd, grow your reputation for great coffee and see your profits increase.

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We offer free barista training to your staff. Either on-site or at our training centre, as much as you need to help you serve amazing coffee. Your customers will be back for more.


We aim to offer unrivalled support and always put our customers first. We have a friendly, knowledgeable and responsive team always on hand to help out and provide advice & support.


We help you spread the word and tell your customers about the coffee you serve. We will give you a wide range of quality and complimentary promotional materials to help you promote your coffee.

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Know your coffee has been carefully sourced and responsibly packaged. Support a positive business ethos and give something back. Customers will appreciate you care.


We offer a superb range of espresso machines & coffee related equipment to suit every style and budget and with discounts on rental or purchase of coffee machines (we can even customise). We have in-house engineers and technical support. Luxury teas, chocolate and sundries.


We provide a complete one-stop-shop package for established businesses and new start ups and love helping our clients increase their coffee sales and gain a reputation for serving delicious coffee. We work with businesses of all sizes so whether you own a cafe hotel or pub we’re dedicated in supporting you to prepare and serve the best coffee to your customers. As well as the right coffee we offer other a range of other equipment and services to business, these include:

  • Award winning hand roasted coffee beans fresh to order
  • Ready ground beans (for guest room cafetieres or decaf for espresso machines)
  • Customisation of our award winning espresso machines
  • Equipment purchase and lease – grinders, boilers, espresso machines & barista equipment
  • Chocolate, teas and other sundries
  • Compostable cups and packaging
  • Machine repairs and maintenance
  • Coffee education courses and barista training
  • Unique blends and white label coffee
  • Point of sale to help you promote award winning coffee
  • Retail packs


Our wholesale coffee is freshly roasted at our Shropshire roastery to order and when you need it. We are a family run business and our emphasis is on supplying great quality speciality coffee to businesses that is carefully sourced, freshly roasted and freshly delivered. Our single origin coffee beans are carefully selected based on their exceptional taste profile with our varieties rotating depending on harvest times and their seasonal availability.

Not all coffees are the same and we understand that better than others, we can help you find the right coffee and the right blend for your customers. Whether this is an exotic blend or something easier to work with, the UK market for coffee is changing with the consumer much more aware of good quality coffee due to the growing coffee culture. We will help you find the perfect match to get you on your way to serving excellent coffee.


We work with a range of businesses from large established hotels, garden centres and cafes, through to small, independent coffee shops. We also work with many start up businesses and are always happy to offer advice and support. We find we get asked the same sort of questions again and again and so we have put together a few considerations into various blogs on this website about the many elements of setting up a cafe.
From our perspective, whether you business is new or established, great coffee always makes good sense. The market has changed and right now, the single most important factor and one that will make the most difference on its own, it’s your coffee offering.

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