Iron & Fire Provide Wholesale Coffee Beans, Machines & Supplies throughout the UK.



Iron & Fire Specialty Coffee Roasters are a UK based independent coffee roastery and supplier of some of the UK’s highest quality wholesale coffee beans, coffee machines & supplies.

The popularity of coffee in the UK is something that has been rapidly expanding for years, however, we believe the growth in popularity has never been as rapid as it is right now.

We want to help that progress to advance further. We want people to experience the pleasure we do when we drink our freshly roasted coffees, which is why we offer wholesale coffee beans to cafes, restaurants & more all across the UK.



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What Iron & Fire Do to Help UK Coffee Businesses



We want to see the UK coffee industry thrive, why wouldn’t we? It’s our passion and goal.

We’ve already seen the industry move along leaps and bounds in recent years, but at Iron & Fire, we believe this is just the beginning.

By helping others develop their coffee knowledge and skillset, we hope we can help the industry grow more rapidly and in a smoother and easier way for those involved.

Some of the ways in which we help others in the UK coffee business include:



  • Affordable Machine Rental – As aforementioned, a major start-up issue for new coffee businesses is the high price point of good coffee machinery. We believe good machinery is essential for businesses though, so to combat this issue, we offer top quality machines at rental prices that are easily affordable.


  • Reliable Suppliers – Knowing that you have a reliable and quality coffee supplier during the early days will be a huge help keeping your mind at ease. Having a poor-quality supplier who is unreliable could easily be the breaker of your coffee business. We track and monitor our services closely, so you won’t have to worry about huge delays or unexpected interferences.


  • Barista Training – Making a great tasting cup of coffee isn’t black and white. This is what makes the industry very exciting. No two cups of real coffee are the same, and it all depends on the barista. If nobody within your business has any barista knowledge or training, we can help. We offer a full barista training service, that covers everything from bean roasting, to grinding and ultimately, savouring!


  • Product Quality / Taste – Again, the barista’s skillset can play a large role in taste. However, it is much easier to get a nice cup of coffee from great quality beans than it is to get an okay cup of coffee from poor quality beans. If you’re a coffee centric business with poor tasting coffee, the odds are you may not fare well. We’ve had years of developing the delicate flavours in our roasts to get a result that the UK public love.



So, Should I Start a Coffee Business in the UK?



There isn’t a definitive answer as to whether or not starting any type of business is right for any one person. If coffee is a true passion for you, and you have a desire to take it further and open up your own coffee business, it can be a great choice.

With the current popularity of coffee, that only seems to be growing in the UK, providing things are done effectively and efficiently, coffee is a great business to get into.

Remember, we’re here to help and support our fellow coffee business enthusiasts, if you’re having doubts about running a café, coffee lounge or any other coffee related business, why not have a chat with our coffee experts and see if we can help clear things up for you?



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If you have any questions regarding any of our coffee related products or services, don’t hesitate to get in touch, one of our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss your coffee queries as quickly and effectively as possible.

Whether you wish to discuss machinery, beans, training or anything coffee, you can get in touch via phone call, email, social media, or by popping into our Shrewsbury based coffee roastery. All contact methods can be found alongside our contact form here.