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Browse our range of bean-to-cup and filter coffee machines, coffee brew kit and accessories for brewing coffee at home. Pair with our freshly roasted specialty coffee and brew guides for the perfect coffee experience….

Home Coffee Machines

What is the best way to make coffee at home?

If you’re a coffee lover and you’re looking to easily make barista-quality coffee at home, investing in a home coffee machine is a must. Not only will you be able to enjoy delicious, freshly-brewed coffee at home but you will get to enjoy the whole coffee making ritual from beginning to end. There are plenty of home coffee machines available from leading brands such as Sage. The Sage Barista range is a great option for those who want quality coffee at home without all the hassle. Take a look at our best sellers above.

It doesn’t matter how great your coffee beans are; to get professional café-quality coffee, it needs to be brewed well! Home coffee machines are a great way to achieve barista-style coffee with minimal effort.

The best coffee machine types are ‘espresso’,  Bean-to-Cup or ‘Filter’ coffee machines, however, if your budget doesn’t stretch that far, then a simple V60 pour-over filter coffee kit will achieve fantastic results. With the right coffee beans and a simple brew recipe, it will give you amazing tasting coffee at home and also serves as the perfect introduction to your coffee journey.

At Iron & Fire, we provide a carefully selected range of espresso, Bean-to-Cup and Filter coffee machines, along with coffee brew kits and accessories for the complete coffee brewing package at home.

View our range and then pair it with our freshly roasted speciality coffee for the perfect coffee experience. Don’t forget, we also offer coffee brewing and home coffee machine set-up advice.



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The best home filter coffee machines for you to choose from. Pair with our fresh speciality coffee beans for the perfect brew.


A carefully selected range of home coffee grinders for a range of budgets. Perfect for the home coffee lover.


Whether you start with an AeroPress or a classic coffee filter, we’ve got all the coffee brewing accessories you need to brew your favourite Iron & Fire coffee beans.

Brewing amazing coffee at home

If you’d like some help with brewing the perfect cup of coffee or getting to know to your home coffee machine, check out of coffee brew guides below to help kickstart your coffee journey. With our guides, you’ll be making barista-quality coffee at home in no time and if you do have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with us


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