Luxury Hot Chocolates

Luxury Hot Chocolates for home use

For nothing but the finest in luxury hot chocolates, browse our range of dark, milk, white and pink chocolate as well as our pure chocolate flakes. With Hot Chocolate from Iron and Fire, you simply cannot go wrong.

Contrary to coffee, hot chocolate is a drink for relaxation, one for mellowing out after a long day and winding down before bed. Popular with adults and kids alike, hot chocolate is a timeless staple when it comes to hot drinks and is loved around the globe. Whether it be a gift or for personal use, there’s nothing quite like hot chocolate.

Luxury Hot Chocolate

As well as having intrinsic calming properties, hot chocolate was actually frequently used as a stomach and liver remedy up to the 19th century. While many drinks found today are no longer as cocoa-rich as those of the past, drinking high-quality hot chocolate is scientifically proven to be good for the stomach. All of the hot chocolate drinks we offer at Iron and Fire are of the highest quality with substantial cocoa content. Delicious, easy to use, and practical, what are you waiting for? Get your hot chocolate from Iron and Fire today!

The History of Hot Chocolate

Originating in Mexico with the Mayans as early as 500BC, hot chocolate was around long before any of the sophisticated brewing techniques we might see being used today. At that point in time, hot chocolate probably wasn’t the right name for the drink they had created as the combination of water, cocoa seeds, chilli peppers, and oatmeal was completely cold. It wasn’t until the 1500s when the drink made its way to Spain that hot chocolate actually became hot and with the departure of chilli peppers from the recipe, it had now become far more soothing (and likely palatable) The last piece of the puzzle came into place in the 1700s when hot chocolate started becoming trendy in London. At this point, chocolate was still very expensive and thus hot chocolate was only available to the wealthy. It wasn’t until the president of the Royal College of Physicians imported a recipe from Jamaica that detailed mixing milk with hot chocolate that the concoction started to garner commercial success with people of all different social standing.

Today, hot chocolate is a global phenomenon with millions around the globe drinking it daily. Some restaurants and cafes have actually gone even further and created their own hot chocolate recipes offering them to clients as part of their extended menu. Finding a hot chocolate café isn’t all that rare these days and at Iron and Fire, we are all for the growing popularity of this iconic drink!

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