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Christmas deliveries and opening times

We hope you are getting into the festive spirit and getting ready for a great Christmas! We hope to help you make it a good one with some of our fresh roasted coffees and we want to make sure these reach you in time, despite the Royal Mail turmoil. Please have a...

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How do I descale my Sage coffee machine?

In this blog you can watch a video tutorial below or read our step by step guide to how to descale your Sage espresso machine. We will walk you through how to descale your Sage coffee machine which will help prolong the life of your machine and continue to help you...

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What is the Best Milk for My Coffee?

What is the best milk for my coffee? Spotlight on Mawley Milk! Tell the readers a little more about Mawley, and what an average day looks like on the farm? I'm not sure any day is average around here 😉 We milk the cows on an automated system that means the cows...

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Hario V60 vs Kalita Wave, Which is Best?

Which is best, Hario V60 or Kalita wave? One of the big questions in the coffee world, especially with budding baristas, is what should you choose, Hario V60 or Kalita Wave? The Kalita Wave we think produces the more consistent cup overall, and extracting does seem...

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How Do I Make a Great Cafetiere?

How to make coffee in a cafetiere - a quick guide to making a cafetiere Watch our video quick guide to making a cafetiere for all you need to know about making a great cafetiere coffee How do I make a great cafetiere? Cafetieres are...

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How Do I Dial in My Sage Barista Express?

Step by step guide to dialling in your Sage Barista Express In this blog we will be giving you a step by step breakdown of easily dialling in your Sage Barista Express - and other Sage espresso machines - to get the best out of your espresso machine and coffee...

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How to Brew an Aeropress Coffee Using the Inverted Method

What you’ll need: Aeropress Coffee Maker and filter paper 93 - 96 degrees water (210g) 15g of your favourite Iron & Fire coffee - medium grind (coarse black pepper) Kettle Spoon Scales Timer   Step by step guide to making an inverted aeropress Step 1: Weigh in...

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How Do You Make an Espresso Martini at Home?

Espresso martini Recipe: #1 (Standard - Sweet) 50ml Fresh Espresso (Try Colombian Jazz) 25ml Absolut Vodka  25ml Kahlua  10ml Demerera Rich (2/1) Syrup Espresso martini Recipe: #1 (Standard - Sweet) 50ml Fresh Espresso (Try Colombian Jazz) 25ml Absolut Vodka  25ml...

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How do you make coffee with a V60?

V60 brew guide Watch our V60 brew guide for a detailed demonstration on how to brew a v60 pourover  or follow the seps below. This is an idea beginners guide to v60 pour and will get you making outstanding coffee with some very basic affordable brew kit. Enjoy!...