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Our Story : About Iron & Fire Coffee Roasters


Kev’s lifelong passion with coffee started as a young boy, regularly dragging his Nan into the only local coffee merchant just so he could smell the aroma. That’s where the story began….

His love of coffee only grew and later, after 10 years in Melbourne where amazing coffee is a way of life, he took his passion, combined it with his science and engineering background and came up with a unique concept – a bespoke coffee roasting process specifically designed to bring out the very best in every bean.

Turns out he wasn’t the only one who thought this was a great idea and before long, Kev’s perfectly crafted coffees went from his Ironbridge workshop and the coffee loving locals, to being enjoyed in homes and businesses across the UK, Europe and across the world!

What started as a passion soon became a mission. A mission to bring a more exciting and rewarding coffee experience to UK coffee drinkers whilst supporting the people at the heart of the industry. In 2012, Kev made it his goal to bring something new to the table for coffee lovers now with a full team of experts, Iron and Fire has over 20 perfectly roasted/crafted coffees, carefully sourced from across the globe.

We know that people are looking for better…better tasting coffee, a better story,.hand crafted and lovingly roasted so you can enjoy the amazing taste knowing the positive journey it has made to your cup.

As a self confessed coffee geek, my commitment to you is that wherever you are in your coffee journey, we can support you and make it better. Start your journey with us.


Meet our expert team of self confessed coffee addicts. Between us, there is everything you could possibly want to know about coffee, and probably a few things you didn’t need to know thrown in..

Coffee Kev

Image of Kev in black and white, looking at a cup of coffee

Founder – coffee advocate, inventor & salty sea dog. Go to coffee – Colombian Jazz


Joe front facing holding a coffee cup

Digital Manager – foodie, football fanatic, and family man. Go to coffee – Peruvian Lima


Ryan facing sideways drinking a coffee

GM & Head Trainer – self confessed coffee geek. Go to coffee – Tutti Frutti


Image of Kev in black and white, looking at a cup of coffee

MD – and anything inbetween. Go to coffee – Ethiopian Yirgacheffe


jenny smiling

Service & Contracts  – will knit you anything. Go to coffee – Costa Rican


phil engineer fixing a coffee machine

Senior Engineer – loves a bacon butty and a pint. Go to coffee – any I&F coffee served up on the road.


Mark smiling

Finance Manager– he’s a greens man; he’ll bowl you over with his latte art. Go to coffee – Colombian Jazz


sophie smiling

Order Fulfilment Manager – the happiest human possible. Go to coffee – Santa’s Bean blend.


Iron & Fire is a family business with a strong ethos central to all our business operations. From our sourcing to staffing to our high level of customer service, our social and environmental purpose is at the heart of everything we do.


Improving the quality of people’s lives is what matters to us. Whether it be helping a business owner succeed, improving the satisfaction of a customer or giving opportunities to young people in our industry.


Many of our coffees are Rainforest Alliance and Organically certified. Those that aren’t have been selected from independent farms so we can support the growers directly. The proceeds from some of our coffees go towards some fantastic community projects in the growing areas of Africa, Central and southern America.


We are conscious of our environmental impact and work with environmentally conscious organisations where possible. We embrace compostable materials in our products such as our compostable coffee packaging, and takeaway cups.