Kev and Joanna from Iron & Fire

For the love of coffee

Iron & Fire was founded by our Master Roaster Kevin Burrows in 2014 after returning from Melbourne Australia where amazing coffee is a way of life. There he spent a decade gaining valuable experience and learning the art of roasting in the very home of 3rd wave coffee.

His desire to share his knowledge and continue to develop his own unique approach to coffee roasting in the UK led to the organic growth of his business and the launch of Iron & Fire.

With his partner Joanna, now 4 years on Iron & Fire is a well established coffee roasting business with a UK based speciality coffee roastery, coffee machine showroom and barista training centre open to the public.

Kevin roasts all Iron & Fire’s coffee on a Petroncini roaster – one of the most advanced on the market. His understanding of the scientific process behind roasting coffee beans is combined with his technical knowledge and sensory skills to create unique roast profiles to optimise flavours. This brings out the best in every bean.


Iron & Fire is a family business and our strong ethos is central to everything we do from our sourcing to our high level of customer service. We are careful about how we select our coffees, not only based on their quality and taste profile but also their origins and accreditations. Many of our coffees are Rainforest Alliance and Organically certified. Those that aren’t have been selected from independent farms so we can support the growers directly. The proceeds from some of our coffees go towards some fantastic community projects in the growing areas of Africa, Central and southern America.

We are also environmentally conscious. We use compostable packaging and run a composting scheme from the Iron & Fire Coffee roastery in Shrewsbury, Shropshire. Feel free to return your bags to us for composting and if you enjoy a spot of gardening, come and collect a bag of our ‘coffee chaff’ or ‘husks’ which can be reused as pet bedding, mulch and compost amongst other things! Click here to read our blog on coffee recycling.