Popular Blended Coffees

Our blends consist of no more than 2 single origin beans carefully sourced and selected as perfect complements. These are roasted separately using bespoke roasting profiles designed specifically to optimise the desired notes in each bean. Every batch is then mechanically blended for consistency and cupped by our team.

coffee beans scattered on a wooden barrel top

The Best Coffee for the AeroPress Machine

The intended flavours of a particular coffee depend on the area the coffee bean has grown in, the plant species, the processing technique and the roasting profiles applied. However, the method of brew has a significant say on the end result and your tasting experience. Coffee that has been brewed using Aeropress delivers a very light and clean cup that is silky in texture. The method brings out complex flavours and aromas, which makes it ideal for brewing speciality coffee.

The Aeropress method is well suited to speciality coffee beans as it brings through some of the most complex flavours and aromas whilst maintaining the body, which otherwise could be perhaps muddier if for example, brewed using the french press method. One way to find the perfect coffee for Aeropress is to consider the taste profile., Terms such as light, clean and bright are three good descriptors to keep in mind when you are coffee shopping for this method. Another way to find out the best coffee for Aeropress is to look at the more generalised roasting terms commonly used, such as light or dark roasted. Medium and dark roasted coffees with balanced acidity and full body tend to work better with espresso machines over AeroPress. so when choosing coffee for your AeroPress, aim for something that may say lightly roasted, medium roasted, bright and complex. This is a good place to start and will deliver the optimum brew for this method.


The Optimal Coffee Grind for AeroPress Machine

When brewing your coffee using the AeroPress machine it is important to get your coffee grind correct. Here at Iron & Fire, we recommend that the grind has a consistency which is comparable to table salt, when looking on a coffee grinding chart this is measured as a medium-fine grind. Each coffee grind will be around 0.5mm in diameter and is placed between the fine espresso grind and the rougher grind which is used in French press coffee, a little smoother than sand. Not sure how to get the perfect grind for your AeroPress coffee? Our coffee experts can grind your coffee beans for you, to ensure that you are getting the perfect coffee grind.


History of the Aeropress Machine

Invented by the coffee enthusiast Alan Adler in, the AeroPress was a brewing method that was unique to anything the coffee industry had seen before. Adler aimed to reduce the bitterness of his daily coffee and the way he could do this was to limit the brewing time. Inspired by an espresso machine concept, the AeroPress swiftly pushes water through the puck taking advantage of human pressure instead of the electricity and levers that the espresso machine uses.