Monsooned Aged Coffees

Why Choose Asian Monsooned Coffees

Indonesian, Asian and Pacific Coffees are known for their smooth flavours, full body and lower to moderate acidity. They are usually full bodied and with a somewhat dry or dark chocolate after taste. They have earthy elements to them but are very clean and can be quite sweet.

Many of the world’s monsooned coffees come from these countries. For example, the Indian Malabar is a unique variety, produced from Arabica coffee beans grown in Malabar, one of the wettest regions of India, known for its wild monsoon season.

Papua New Guinea on the other hand generally produces coffees with lots of oils, which come out as early as a medium roast and offer a full body that is consistent with many Indonesian coffees. This makes it ideal as a pour over or cafetiere to allow the natural oils and flavors to shine.