Coffee Gift Sets

The best way to treat those around you (or yourself), is to get a coffee gift set to experience the beautiful tastes of our freshly roasted speciality coffee at Iron and Fire.

Have a relative or a friend who is an ardent coffee lover? Not sure what to get them as a gift? Look no further than our wide range of coffee gift sets, perfectly primed to deliver an unforgettable coffee experience in a beautifully designed, fully compostable package. For a gift that is sure to be appreciated, choose Iron and Fire coffee gift sets.

All of our coffees are freshly roasted, sourced directly from their native countries and stored in an environment in which their taste can continue to mature, you can be sure that every cup will be absolutely flawless. Our single-origin beans and blends also come with additional information about the background of the coffee’s background and tips and tricks on how it should be correctly brewed to maximise flavour.

We offer a wide selection of different coffee gift sets each with their own unique attributes, find the perfect gift set for the coffee lover in your life from our range below.

Why Choose Our Coffee Gift Sets?

Our coffee gift sets have two or three individual types matching in either taste or theme. If you find that the recipient of your gift has grown to love one or more specific types, why not purchase a full pack or a subscription? All the coffees that make up our gift sets are also available individually meaning they can be bought in larger sizes directly from our roasted coffee bean catalogue.

Why not take this a step further and set up a subscription? The best way to keep your loved ones drinking the best coffee year-round is to set up a subscription for their favourite bean. If you’re feeling adventurous, why not make use our roaster’s choice range? Different coffees are chosen by our Head Roaster every single time and delivered straight to your door, with over 20 speciality coffees from around the world to enjoy, there’s always something to love.

To many, coffee is more than just a drink. Coffee is the first thing many of us see in the morning, the motivation to get out of bed and the drive we need to get going for our day. Beyond beans, great coffee is a support pillar, one we can always rely on to combat fatigue and give us a crisp, clear burst of focus. A gift set with fresh roasted quality beans is far more than just any coffee, it is the opportunity for a loved one to explore the world of speciality coffees.


Our gift sets are designed with versatility in mind, making them a fabulous choice for a plethora of occasions. Whether you’re looking to mark a special personal milestone such as a birthday, anniversary, or wedding, our sets are perfect. They also make exceptional choices for corporate gifts, providing a sophisticated touch to business relationships and recognitions.

They also shine during festive seasons like Christmas or Easter, offering that cosy touch of warmth and joy. Additionally, for life’s new chapters, such as housewarmings, our sets provide a unique and memorable way to celebrate. Essentially, if there’s an occasion worth cherishing, an Iron & Fire gift set makes for a delightful complement.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included in your coffee gift sets?

Our curated sets comes with a selection of two or three 220g bags of our delightful speciality coffee beans, carefully packages to ensure freshness and quality. In addition, you can choose from a variety of grind options to suit your preferences.

Are the coffee gift sets suitable for all coffee makers?

Absolutely! Our coffee beans can be ground to suit any machine, from French press to espresso machines. If you have specific brewing equipment, please indicate this when placing your order, and we will customise the grain size of the beans accordingly.

How should I store the coffee beans?

To maintain the freshness of your coffee for as long as possible, keep the beans in an airtight container away from direct sunlight, heat, and moisture. It’s best to store them in a cool, dark place like a pantry or cupboard. Avoid refrigerating or freezing the beans to prevent moisture absorption and flavour loss.