African Coffees

Why choose African Coffees?

African coffees are exotic and vivid with taste profiles as colourful as the countries they come from! African coffees in general are known for their bright acidity and winey fruity and floral tasting notes. Think citrus, bergamot, berries, or jasmine. Of course, these flavours are diverse and wide depending on the many factors and nuances of the growing conditions, geographical environment and processing methods however many African coffees are grown across the “bean belt” which has the perfect growing conditions for the Arabica coffee species. Many coffees in Africa are also dry processed, which infuses the beans with flavours from the cherry and mucilage.

Kenyan coffees boast a full body and are rich, full-bodied and complex with fruity and berry tastes. Rwandan and Ethiopian coffees are bright, fruity and floral.