Espresso Grind Coffee

What is espresso coffee?

A concentrated form of coffee served in small, strong shots; Espresso is the base of the majority of coffee drinks. This form of brewing is thicker, more intense and has a higher concentration of caffeine than other brewing methods. Although, because espresso is served in smaller helpings than coffee, per serving it has less caffeine. However, we always recommend double shots to form the basis of your espresso-based drinks.  Espresso coffee is made by forcing pressured hot water through finely-ground coffee beans using an espresso machine.

Here at Iron & Fire, we have carefully hand-selected the perfect coffee beans for the espresso brewing method. See our suggestions below for the best coffee beans for espresso.

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Choosing the Perfect Coffee Beans for Espresso

There is a general rule of thumb that the best beans for making espresso are typically medium to dark roasts because they are more soluble and extract more quickly. They showcase a coffee’s natural characteristics without being too acidic. They are rich in oils, which help produce a richer crema. They also give your espresso that great consistency, body, and flavour you want in your shot. There are exceptions to this as you can have dark filter coffee, espresso that’s light, and vice versa. In some cases, Iron and Fire roast the same coffee that may perform best for filter or espresso but the roast profile is drastically different, based on what we want to convey in the coffee, knowing how it’ll be brewed.

The Ideal Grind Size for Espresso

The perfect coffee bean grind size for espresso is between 0.88mm and 1.32mm, which is a very fine grind. While this grind size is precise, it may fluctuate in size depending on the different coffee beans. However, with espresso it is crucial to get the right grind as it can impact the taste of the espresso. Here at Iron & Fire, we can grind the whole coffee beans for you, ensuring you have the perfect grind size.

History of Espresso

The first espresso machine was first invented in the early 20th century in Venice, Italy. It was created by a businessman Luigi Bezzera, as he wanted to experiment with how to make his coffee in a quicker time. He was frustrated with how long it took him to make a coffee. After some investigating, he found that adding pressurised steam to the machine cut the amount of time it took to make the coffee and it also created a much stronger taste. He named this machine ‘Espresso Machine’ which translates to a ‘fast coffee machine’ in English.