Sage Coffee Machines

Looking for a top-of-the-line coffee machine that produces barista-quality coffee? Sage coffee machines are some of the best on the market and they come packed with features that make them perfect for any coffee lover.

Whether you’re a first-time buyer or a seasoned pro, Sage has a machine that’s right for you. With so many different models to choose from, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs and budget.


What is the Sage Espresso Machine?

The Sage Espresso machines are premium coffee machines that provide barista-quality coffee at home or in a small business or office space. These machines are constructed with high-quality materials and come with fantastic features, such as built-in grinders, milk frothers and pressure gauges. Plus, they’re simple to use, so you’ll be able to enjoy a great cup of coffee with minimal effort. It is the perfect coffee machine for those who want to enjoy a cup of espresso without having to go to a cafe.

At Iron & Fire, we’re true advocates of the Sage coffee machines and the quality of coffee drinks they produce. Sage Appliances is a market leader in premium espresso machines and their machines are specially designed to brew superior-tasting espresso and velvety micro-foam milk. They make an ideal pairing with our freshly roasted speciality coffees.

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How do I use my Sage Barista coffee machine?

Using a Sage coffee machine is a remarkably intuitive and satisfying process, even for a novice. When you buy a machine from Iron & Fire, we’ll help and guide you through the set-up process to make sure that your coffee is extracting perfectly. Check out our help articles below for plenty of tips and advice.

  1. Begin by filling the water tank to the desired level and ensuring the portafilter is clean and dry.
  2. Add freshly ground coffee to the portafilter and use the tamper to press it down, creating a smooth surface.
  3. Attach the portafilter to the group head, ensuring it’s secured firmly.
  4. Choose your preferred coffee strength and size on the machine, then press the brew button.
  5. As the machine brews, it will extract a rich, aromatic espresso shot, the base for any coffee drinks.

For milk-based beverages, fill the frothing jug with cold milk, and use the steam wand to create silky, textured foam. The machine’s temperature control ensures the optimal extraction conditions, and the micro-foam milk texturing allows for latte art creation. With the Sage Barista, you can enjoy barista-quality coffee at home, every day.

“Thanks again for all the good coffee, and again to Kev for taking all the time to teach us how to use our barista pro before we purchased it. Obviously still going strong and enjoying every cup!”

D Eden Shrewsbury

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I clean my Sage Coffee Machine?

Coffee making can be a bit messy, dusty, and oily, but cleaning your Sage machine couldn’t be simpler or quicker. Essentially, the process remains the same across the range, making it a fuss-free experience once you’ve got the hang of it.

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What is the best grind size to use on my Sage espresso machine?

The ideal grind size for your Sage espresso machine largely depends on the specific model you own and the type of coffee you prefer. Generally, for espresso machines, a fine grind is can help extract richer flavours. However, if you find the result too bitter, you may want to opt for a slightly coarser grind. Remember to adjust gradually and taste as you go along to find your perfect balance.

Learn more about the best grind size for your espresso machine here.

How do I dial in my Sage Barista Express?

Dialling in your Sage machine involves fine-tuning various elements such as the grind size, dose, and extraction time to achieve the ideal balance of flavours in your espresso.

Start with a medium grind size and adjust accordingly based on the taste of your espresso. If it’s too bitter, the grind may be too fine; if it’s too sour, it may be too coarse. Similarly, experiment with the amount of coffee: typically, we use around 19 grams of coffee. It may take a few tries to find your perfect settings, but the key is to be patient and make small adjustments each time.

Follow our simple and easy guide on dialling in your Sage Barista Express here.

What type of coffee beans can I use in my Sage Coffee Machine?

You can use any variety of whole coffee beans in your Sage machine. Whether you prefer Arabica or Robusta, light or dark roast, the machine’s integrated grinder can accommodate your preference. It’s worth noting that the flavour and quality of the coffee will largely depend on the freshness and quality of the beans you choose.

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Which is the Best Sage Coffee Machine for Home Use?

While preferences may vary, the Sage Barista Express is often recommended as the top choice for home use. It offers a perfect blend of convenience, control and quality with its grind size control, milk frothing feature, and its capacity to pull high-quality espresso shots. It replicates the coffee shop experience at home, making it a favourite among coffee enthusiasts.

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Sage Coffe Machine Help Articles

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How to texture the perfect milk on your Sage coffee machine

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Which is the Best Sage Coffee Machine for Home Use?

There is something special about live music: the drama, the spectacle, the unpredictability and the art. Somehow recorded music just doesn’t live up to the experience, it is still good, but it simply doesn’t quite have the magic of being in the same space as the...

Which is the best sage coffee machine for me?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a Sage machine. The first is what type of machine you want. There are three main types of machines: drip, pod, and espresso. Drip coffee machines make regular brewed coffee, while pod and espresso machines make speciality coffees like cappuccinos and lattes.

The second thing to consider is the size of the machine. These come in different sizes, so it’s important to choose one that will fit your needs. If you’re only making coffee for yourself, a small machine will suffice. But if you’re making coffee for a large group of people, you’ll need a larger machine.

The third thing to consider is the features. Some Sage machines come with built-in grinders, while others have frothing wands for making lattes and cappuccinos. Choose a machine with the features you want. Once you’ve considered these factors, it’ll be easier to choose the best Sage coffee machine for your needs.


Is the Sage Barista Pro™ The Best Coffee Machine?

The Sage Baristo Pro is a Bean-to-Cup coffee machine that contains a brand-new intuitive interface that provides all the information you need to see what your coffee is doing. This Sage Espresso Machine has a quality grinder on top that grinds directly into the basket. It’s accepted that coffee ground just before extraction gives a better taste profile. That is why you’ll see many cafés use a grinder rather than using pre-ground coffee.

Just insert the portafilter basket into the well-designed holder and the machine will grind a precise dose of coffee directly into the basket for you. Next, use the purpose-made tamper to tamp down the ground coffee – make sure the tamp is level and even to get the best extraction. Then place the basket into the Brew head and press the selected single or double shot button for a beautifully extracted coffee shot. This is all done in under a minute, only limited by how fast you can move. With little training, you will be making a coffee house quality flat white in no time.

With its LCD interface, this barista coffee machine gives a gentle guiding hand to help you make a professional cup of coffee. You buy your fresh roasted beans and pour them into your hopper and with the help of this barista coffee machine, you are involved in every step of the process from the grind to being able to foam and texture your own milk.

When you’re trying to achieve professional café-quality coffee, it doesn’t matter how great your coffee beans are, it needs to be brewed properly to bring out the flavours. There are many different brewing methods to choose from, ranging from the relatively straightforward to the truly scientific. This method – and the machine – you choose will make all the difference.

At Iron & Fire, we have a great range of Bean-to-Cup and filter coffee machines for brewing at home.

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