Wholesale Coffee Beans, Coffee Supplies & Barista Training in Chester, Cheshire

Chester is a city of culture that is famous for its Roman walls and vast tourist attractions. Many people come to shop in its largest shopping precinct, known as the Grosvenor Shopping Centre. As the population of the city continues to grow and many more tourists are seeing the treasures of Chester, we believe this city would be a really great coffee hotspot.

Chester has a thriving community of coffee enthusiasts and there is an abundance of quality coffee shops in the city centre.

Chester also has a thriving community of quality and independent coffee shops and artisan roasters. The coffee community in Chester are carefully choosing their ethically sourced organic coffee beans directly from farmers and some are even roasting their own to create a unique blend.

We are delighted to contribute to the ever-growing coffee culture in Chester and beyond by supplying top-quality organic coffee beans. Our fresh roasted beans make a cup of perfectly brewed coffee every time. With Iron & Fire, businesses across the UK can now have access to delicious organic beans that are sure to make their customers smile!

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We provide a wide variety of coffees, from Italian espresso to French roast and from light blends to dark roasts. Whether you’re an independent coffee shop or a major chain, we have the beans for you. Our wholesale beans are roasted fresh daily and shipped directly to your business, ensuring consistently high quality and freshness. We offer competitive pricing and a variety of packaging options to make sure our beans perfectly complement your business. With our vast selection and competitive prices, you can be sure that you’ll find the perfect coffee bean for your customers.

Our rental service ensures that businesses of all sizes and budgets can access the machines they need to make delicious coffee. With no long-term commitment, it’s easy to try out a machine before committing to buy one – allowing you to see how your customers respond before investing in a permanent solution.

What are The Difficulties Faced Starting / Running a Coffee Business?

Starting and running a coffee business can be an exciting endeavour, but it also presents its own set of challenges. From choosing the right location to selecting appropriate equipment, there are numerous decisions that will need to be made that require careful consideration. Many issues can often be overcome by:

  • Maximising the advantages of grants or leasing to reduce large machinery & equipment expenses.
  • Finding a reliable provider that offers excellent efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Ensuring consistently high-quality coffee beans and other supplies.
  • Investing in training of baristas for expert knowledge & skills.


Iron & Fire offers unique services to UK coffee businesses, helping them take their business to the next level. Whether you own a small café or a large chain of cafes, our team can help you understand your customer’s needs and make sure that every cup meets their standards.

We help coffee businesses in Chester in many ways, such as:

So, Should I Start a Coffee Business in Chester?

Starting a coffee business in the city of Chester can be a great opportunity. With its vibrant and diverse population, it provides an excellent customer base for any cafe or coffee shop. The city is also home to several leading universities, giving potential entrepreneurs plenty of young customers eager to sample their products. Additionally, the city itself is growing rapidly and with that growth comes an increase in people looking for quality coffee.

At the heart of it, we are passionate about coffee and care immensely about helping people succeed in the coffee business. Our team of experts have extensive knowledge and understanding when it comes to running a successful cafe or any other type of coffee-related business.