Wholesale Coffee Beans, Coffee Supplies & Barista Training in Church Stretton, Shropshire

Located in the heart of south Shropshire Hills, Church Stretton is famous for its historic geology. It’s a beautiful, picturesque town which is perfect for country lovers as there is a wide range of activities for a range of people from golf to paragliding. Having the second highest golf course in England with its amazing views of the scenic town. There are many walking groups in Church Stretton including the Walk for Health scheme which is a national scheme set up to encourage people to start walking consistently.

This should be picked up on by the coffee shops in the town, as these walks will want a hot drink and a piece of cake after a long walk. Therefore, they should have a deal for these walking groups to come in and try out their coffee for continued business.

Throughout the town centre, there are independent coffee shops all competing for the same business, there are no chain coffee shops in the town centre which is a positive because it shows the locals like independent businesses and gives them their trade. These independent shops in the town often source their beans from artisan roasters.

At Iron & Fire, we want to see the expansion of the coffee industry by encouraging entrepreneurs to join in and open their own shops. To promote local coffee producers, we source only the best quality organic beans from around the UK and beyond, then roast them to perfection and provide them to coffee businesses across the country.

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At Iron and Fire, we make sure to take extra care in finding the highest quality beans from all around the world. Our passion for coffee is reflected in our commitment to providing small businesses with access to premium roasted coffee that doesn’t break the bank. We specialize in roasting only the finest varieties, which have been proven to be favourites among customers both locally and beyond.

Our coffee machine rental service is a great option for businesses that don’t have the budget to purchase a high-quality coffee machine. With our affordable monthly rates, you can enjoy the same quality brews that customers come to expect from premium machines without breaking the bank. Plus, the profits generated by using one of our machines often offset their initial costs, so you can reinvest those profits into your shop and further improve your business.

What are The Difficulties Faced Starting / Running a Coffee Business?

Starting a coffee business can be daunting, with no exceptions to the rule. It takes dedication and commitment to make sure your business runs as smoothly and successfully as possible. Many of the challenges encountered during the launch and operation of a coffee business can be addressed by:

  • Utilising grants or leasing to manage high overhead costs of machinery & equipment.
  • Finding the right supplier who offers premium efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Crafting the perfect cup of coffee by ensuring quality supplies.
  • Investing in barista knowledge, skills, & training for excellence.


In recent years, the UK coffee industry has advanced rapidly, however here at Iron & Fire, we believe that it can still go further. Helping people to develop their knowledge of coffee could help the industry grow even further and ensure that the industry has a clear future.

We can help UK businesses in many ways including:

So, Should I Start a Coffee Business in Church Stretton?

Church Stretton has the potential to become a renowned coffee hotspot and just requires the right barista with quality beans to unlock this potential. With the right combination of skill and expertise, Church Stretton could be on its way to becoming an acclaimed destination for coffee lovers everywhere. It is up to passionate baristas and entrepreneurs alike to discover this hidden treasure within the city – one that is waiting to be realised.

If you’ve always dreamt of running a coffee business, we can help! Our team of specialists are here to provide advice and guidance for anyone wanting to start up their own café, coffee lounge or other venture in the world of caffeine. We understand how tricky it can be to get things off the ground, so let us know if you need any advice.