Modern Nottingham truly is modern. Although it cherishes its cultural history, to walk down its streets is to walk through a city which feels European, exciting and welcoming. The home of Robin Hood and the lacemaking industry is now the home of a thriving student population and is one of fewer than 30 UNESCO Cities of Literature. The city surprises the newcomer with all the things which make the locals so proud of it: from culture, literature, art and history, to its cool, hip Hockley quarter or the market square where children splash in the fountains and where friends and families meet beside the famous carved lions.

The city has a thriving food and coffee culture and the Midlands’ second largest city has room and hunger for more. The shoppers, students, tourists and all those excited cricket fans fresh from national and international games at Trent Bridge who pour through the town are eager for a taste of premium, world class coffee.

Here at Iron & Fire we are ready to help you bring truly great coffee to Nottingham, from the key ingredient of the very best roasted coffee beans to selling or renting you the coffee machines which are the core of any coffee shop. We are here with the equipment, support and training which can make you a highly successful part of this highly successful city.

We offer stock, services & supplies to UK coffee businesses.

Our range of premium quality wholesale coffee beans have proven to go down a storm with customers on both a local scale and nationwide. Our beans can be purchased as whole coffee beans, green coffee beans or freshly packaged to your desired grind.

We also offer a very affordable rental service for high-quality machines that otherwise may be out of your price-range. The great advantage of renting one of these machines is that they can very quickly and easily pay for themselves, allowing any profits they make you to be reinvested into the business.



It can be difficult finding your feet when first opening any business, unfortunately, there is no exception to this rule for coffee businesses, such as cafés, coffee lounges & even small stalls.

Some of the issues faced when starting or running coffee business can include:

  • Large overheads for machinery & equipment.
  • Supplier effectiveness & efficiency issues.
  • Poor quality coffee stock & supplies.
  • Lack of barista knowledge / skills / training.



We’ve seen the UK coffee industry advance dramatically in recent years, but at Iron & Fire, we believe this is just the beginning.

By helping others develop their coffee knowledge and skillset, we hope we can help the industry grow more rapidly and in a smoother and easier way for everyone involved.

Some of the ways in which we help others in the UK coffee business include:

  • Reliable Suppliers.



There’s no sure-fire answer as to whether or not you should start any business anywhere.

We do know that Nottingham is currently a great developing hotspot for coffee, and we know the city’s potential is still even huger, it just takes a great barista with some great beans.

If you’re passionate about coffee and feel a coffee business is right for you, then remember, we’re here to help and support our fellow coffee business enthusiasts. If you’re considering running a café, coffee lounge or any other coffee related business, why not have a chat with our coffee experts and see if we can help clear things up for you?

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If you have any questions regarding any of our coffee related products or services, don’t hesitate to get in touch, one of our friendly team will be more than happy to discuss your coffee queries as quickly and effectively as possible.

Whether you wish to discuss machinery, beans, training or anything coffee, you can get in touch via phone call, email, social media, or by popping into our Shrewsbury based coffee roastery. All contact methods can be found alongside our contact form here.