Wholesale Coffee Beans, Coffee Supplies & Barista Training in Redditch, Worcestershire

A coffee-loving town, Redditch is located in the North East of Worcestershire and renowned for its needle and fishing tackle industries. At one point, 90% of the world’s needle manufacturers were based in the town and neighbouring towns. In the 1960s, it was a model for a modern town planning and then in April 1964 was when the document was signed to say that the town was now a ‘new town’ which is a form of an urban centre, sponsored by the government.

Coffee has now made a rise in the new town with recent independent coffee shops opening including VictoriaPlums Kitchen, The Bay Café and JJ’s Café just to name a few. There is scope to build the coffee scene even more because the residents love these coffee shops. An independent, affordable shop in the Kingfisher Shopping Centre or just outside could really flourish with the centre having 150 stores inside.

Iron & Fire strives to expand and strengthen the local coffee scene by offering top-notch organic beans. Not only within the UK, but internationally as well. We strongly urge aspiring entrepreneurs to join the ranks of independent coffee shops. Iron & Fire takes pride in providing high-quality beans to businesses across the UK and beyond. We source, roast and supply these exceptional beans to numerous coffee shops here in the UK.

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At Iron & Fire, we understand the importance of providing quality speciality beans for small businesses. We have taken it upon ourselves to craft our products with the highest standards in mind, using only the best-sourced beans from around the world. Our beans are roasted and packaged with care to ensure that each cup of coffee brewed is full of flavour, aroma and body. Whether you’re looking for whole beans, green beans or freshly ground coffee, Iron & Fire has you covered.

Our coffee machine rental service is a great way for budget-conscious businesses to get access to the equipment they need without breaking the bank. Our machines are of high quality and are often able to pay for themselves within a short period of time, meaning any profits made can be quickly reinvested back into the business.

What are The Difficulties Faced By Starting / Running a Coffee Business?

Starting a business of any kind can be intimidating, especially when it comes to the coffee industry. Coffee businesses such as cafés, lounges, and stalls often face various challenges. Thankfully, these hurdles can be overcome through:

  • Gaining access to grants or leasing for large machinery and equipment costs.
  • Picking a suitable supplier for maximum effectiveness and efficiency.
  • Securing and maintaining the best stock and supplies available.
  • Investing in strong barista knowledge, skills, and training.


Iron & Fire is here to help for businesses looking to open a coffee shop. Drawing upon our many years of experience in the coffee industry, we provide superior coffee machine rental services and trusted coffee supplies to ensure that your business begins on sure footing.

Our barista training sessions are also available to help staff hone their skills so they can consistently produce excellent drinks and beverages.

Here’s how Iron & Fire can help your coffee business:

So, Should I Start a Coffee Business in Redditch?

Starting a coffee business in Redditch could be an excellent opportunity as the town has an increasing population and growing demand for specialty coffee products. The local economy is relatively strong, with many potential customers interested in artisanal coffees and other related products. Additionally, Redditch offers a great location to set up shop – it’s close to Birmingham, with easy access to motorways and train stations for transport of goods and staff.

With the right marketing plan, an astute entrepreneur could make their mark on the coffee industry in Redditch and beyond. However, starting any kind of business requires careful planning and research into the local market; potential locations should be carefully considered before making any final decisions.

Have a conversation with our team to gain more insight into starting up a café, coffee lounge or any other type of coffee-related business. We are here to help so don’t miss out on the opportunity!