Wholesale Coffee Beans, Coffee Supplies & Barista Training in Shrewsbury, Shropshire

Shrewsbury is our home. Our hearts were stolen by this beautiful county-town at the heart of the breath-taking county of Shropshire. This contagious passion for life and beauty runs through the blood of all the people who live and visit here, and draws artists, poets and musicians to the county. The whole county orbits around Shrewsbury, which is its vivid, beating heart

Shrewsbury is a growing town, drawing more and more people in. Here they meet and shop and rest and of course drink coffee. It has a cosmopolitan population with taste and discernment who deserve and recognise premium quality coffee. We are here to help you make that happen on the winding streets of our home.

Whether you’re a budding barista looking to start your own coffee shop in Shrewsbury, or an experienced cafe or restaurant owner looking to upgrade your existing setup, we have the supplies and support you need.

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At Iron & Fire, we understand the importance of having quality raw materials on hand when crafting delicious espresso-based drinks. We stock a wide range of wholesale coffee beans from around the world, with something for every taste preference and price point. Our knowledgeable staff can help guide you towards finding just the right beans for your needs.

We also offer all the other equipment necessary to create great-tasting lattes, cappuccinos and more – including professional-grade commercial espresso machines, grinders and other supplies.

If you’re a beginner looking to learn the ins and outs of coffee making, we offer barista training courses in Shrewsbury that are suitable for any level – from novice to master barista. Our highly qualified instructors will help you unlock your inner barista, with an extensive curriculum that covers recipe creation, milk texturing, equipment maintenance and more.

What are The Difficulties Faced Starting / Running a Coffee Business?

It can be daunting to begin any business, and coffee establishments are no exception. Operating and launching a coffee-based enterprise is an exceptionally challenging endeavour, with location being the most essential puzzle piece. Various issues may arise when starting or continuing a coffee business, but they can all be overcome with the right preparations, such as:

  • Managing your overheads for coffee machines and equipment through grants or leasing.
  • Choosing a good supplier for effectiveness & efficiency.
  • Ensuring high quality coffee stock & supplies.
  • Maintaining strong barista knowledge, skills, and training.



The UK coffee scene has seen great progress over the past few years; however, Iron & Fire believe this is just the beginning.

To aid with a smoother and faster expansion of the business, we offer support to those seeking to strengthen their coffee-related abilities. Here are some of the ways in which we can assist others in their coffee business endeavours:

So, Should I Start a Coffee Business in Shrewsbury?

Starting any type of business can be daunting, and it’s hard to know if you’ll make the leap without giving it a shot. Shrewsbury can be an exciting and profitable area for a new coffee venture. With its large population, bustling downtown area, and diverse community, this small town provides plenty of opportunities for entrepreneurs looking to open their own shop.

If coffee is your forte and you feel strongly about pursuing a coffee business, Iron & Fire has the knowledge and resources to guide you. Our coffee professionals are available to answer all your questions – from setting up a cafe to opening a lounge or any other venture relating to coffee. Let us help you get on track!