What you need

1:7 coffee to water ratio

Cafetiere grind

Brew time: 20 to 24hours (depending on how strong you like your cold brew)

What you need:

75g of your favourite Iron & Fire Coffee ( we love the Kenyan or Colombian Jazz)

525g of cool filtered water






Optional: v60/Chemex

Step by step guide

Step 1: First add your coffee to your cafetiere

Step 2: Then add around half of your filtered water, stir the coffee to ensure that all the grounds are wet and there are no dry patches left

Step 3:Add the rest of your water, and replace the lid of your cafetiere (but don’t plunge just yet)

Step 4: Now comes the waiting, place your cafetiere in the fridge and wait between 20-24 hours for it to brew. Due to the water being much colder than you would usually use for coffee, you need to increase the time of brewing to fully extract your coffee. If you prefer it a little weaker in flavour wait for 20hours and if you prefer a stronger brew wait closer to 24 hours.