Christmas Delivery & Opening Times

Roastery Opening Times Tuesday December 22nd: Normal Operating Hours Wednesday December 23rd: Normal Operating Hours – Last day! Thursday December 24th: Closed Friday December 25th: Closed – Its Christmas! Saturday December 26th: Closed Sunday December 27th: Closed Monday December 28th: Closed Tuesday December 29th: Normal Operating Hours Wednesday December 30th: Normal Operating Hours Thursday December 31st: Closed Friday January 1st: Closed – Happy New Year! Saturday January…

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espresso martini

How do you make an espresso martini at home ?

Espresso martini Recipe: #1 (Standard – Sweet) 50ml Fresh Espresso (Jazz) 25ml Absolut Vodka  25ml Kahlua  10ml Demerera Rich (2/1) Syrup  Espresso martini Recipe: #1 (Standard – Sweet) 50ml Fresh Espresso (Jazz) 25ml Absolut Vodka  25ml Kahlua  10ml Demerera Rich (2/1) Syrup  Espresso martini Recipe: #2 (Standard – Bitter note) 50ml Fresh espresso (Costa Rican)…

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Iron and Fire speciality coffee roasters - enjoy coffee at home

How do you make coffee with a V60?

What you need 93-95 degrees water 17g of your favourite Iron & Fire coffee – medium grind (caster sugar like consistency) V60 dripper and filter paper Hario glass server or something similar Scales (with ability to go to 0.1g) Timer Gooseneck Kettle Step by step guide to making your V60 Step 1: Pre wet your…

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chemex brew guide

How do you brew a chemex?

What you’ll need to brew your Chemex: Chemex and suitable filter paper Gooseneck kettle 93 to 95 degree water Scales 25g of your favourite Iron & Fire Coffee – Medium grind (cracked black pepper)   Step 1: Insert your Chemex filter paper. It should have 4 leaves to it, separate it up so you have…

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Kev and Joanna from Iron & Fire

Coronavirus Statement

To all our wonderful customers and coffee lovers out there. Firstly can we say, our thoughts are with everyone during this unprecedented time. We are proud to supply you all with our beautiful coffees and will continue to do what we can for all our customers during this time. As far as we are concerned, it…

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Latte Art

Kev’s top milk steaming tips

If you are steaming milk at home or at work and haven’t quite got to grips with it, here are a few basic tips and techniques that might help… GENERAL TIPS When texturing milk, the air should only be introduced right at the beginning, before the milk gets warm (the air going in at this…

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Iron & Fire Speciality Coffee Beans

The magic of cold-brew coffee…

As soon as the weather begins to heat up, coffee suddenly doesn’t seem as appetising as it does during the colder months… luckily for us, there are lots of refreshing ‘iced’ versions knocking around that are guaranteed to cool you down whilst simultaneously providing that all-important caffeine boost. One drink in particular- the cold brew…

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Iron & Fire Speciality Coffee Beans

The Hottest Coffee Trends of 2018

With the UK high street adding more and more coffee shops every month, it’s no surprise that coffee has beaten the traditional cup of tea to being the nation’s favourite hot drink. According to research conducted by Allegra Project Coffee 2018, 81% of people now visit a coffee shop weekly, spending around £9.6bn a year.…

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Medicine is an established artisan bakery and kitchen, café and events space, with large venues in both Central Birmingham and Wolverhampton. Medicine’s niche is through a carefully curated menu of hand made ethical products, whilst offering a daily fix of cultural inspiration. Medicine were looking for an authentic and unique coffee product and a supplier…

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Lever espresso machine

Considerations for setting up a cafe

We at Iron & Fire work with many start up coffee businesses and are always happy to offer advice and support. We find we get asked the same sort of questions again and again and so we have put together a few considerations into this and other blogs on this website about the many elements of setting up a coffee shop.

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