How does coffee processing affect the flavour of my coffee?

Coffee Processing: What is it and how does it affect the flavour of my coffee?

Coffee processing is in basic terms the removal of different layers of the fruit from the coffee seed. Coffee cherries are made up of various different layers

Washed Processed

With washed coffee, you will notice a much cleaner and brighter flavour, with sparkling acidity.

Natural Processed

Normally with a natural processed coffee, you will tend to get a much more sweeter and funkier flavoured coffee, sometimes with boozy notes. These tend to be slightly less acidic, than their washed counterparts.

Honey Processed

The honey process tends to be like a hybrid of the washed and natural coffee’s, you will have more clarity and acidity but also have a higher sweetness than a washed coffee.

Pulped Natural Processed

This process tends to be extremely popular in Brazil, and tends to be less acidic than a washed coffee, with a slightly higher sweetness.