How do you texture milk with Sage?

Watch our video tutorial below to learn how to texture the perfect milk on your Sage coffee machine. We are using a Sage Barista Pro. Or read our blog post to read our step by step guide to texturing the perfect milk on your machine. Texturing milk can often seem a little daunting to home baristas who have little experience with working with coffee, however following the steps below, you will soon be perfecting the perfect texture and temperature to create café quality drinks in the comfort of your own home.

Things you will need:

  • Sage Barista Pro
  • Fresh cold milk of your choice (barista edition alternative milks are beneficial here if you prefer)
  • Milk Jug and thermometer
  • Clean damp cloth
  • Mug of your choice
  • Fresh coffee beans!

Watch our video tutorial on how to texture the perfect milk on your sage Barista Pro


How do you make Sage flat white milk?

Getting started:

STEP 1: Switch on your coffee machine and bring up to temperature

First thing you will want to do is, ensure your machine is ON and up to temperature. Leave it for a few minutes to heat up and then pull an espresso shot. Then point your steam arm into the drip tray and turn the steam wand on s or in other words your Sage milk frother uk. This is a process known as purging and this will release any built up water or milk in the steam tube, as well as heating it up to the required temperature. Once you have done this for a couple of seconds turn off the steam wand.

STEP 2: Fill your jug and position your steam wand

Next, bring the steam wand out in front of you and fill your jug up until the milk reaches to just below where the spout starts in your Sage milk jug or half way. Then using the spout of the steam jug, use that to pace your steam wand into and then aim for the tip of steam wand to be placed into the centre of the milk with the tip just slightly submerged. This will help to draw in a little bit of air to the milk giving it a richer, creamier mouth feel at the end of steaming. Next, you will need to put a slight tilt on the jug either left or right so that the steam wand tip is in the 3 o’ clock or 9 o’ clock position. This will help create a whirlpool effect which helps incorporate the air into the milk creating that glossy effect.

STEP 3: Start to steam your milk

Now, you will have the steam wand in the correct position. It is time to turn the steam on. Once the steam is on, you will notice a noise that resembles paper tearing (if you don’t and you hear a squealing noise you will have your steam wand too low so slowly drag your milk jug lower until you hear the tearing sound). Keep the jug in this position and drawing in air, until the jug feels like it is the same temperature as your hand (or 25 degrees Celsius on your thermometer on your temp control milk jug).

An image of a sage barista express with a cup of coffee in front

Good luck and let us know how you get on. Follow us on Instagram