Sage Barista Express? – Sage Espresso Machine

For Professionals and beginners alike, a machine that gives true café quality with a little training. Free bag of freshly roasted award winning coffee.

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With the purchase of this machine we will throw in a free bag of award winning freshly roasted coffee beans, and offer a free telephone support masterclass to get you set up and making amazing coffee. Please get in contact with us for more details.


What is this Sage Espresso Machine?

The Sage Espresso machines provide barista quality coffee at home or in a small business. This Sage Espresso Machine has a quality grinder on top that grinds directly into the basket. It’s accepted that coffee ground just before extraction gives a better taste profile, which is why you’ll see many cafés use a grinder rather than using pre-ground coffee.

Just insert the portafilter basket into the well designed holder and the machine will grind a precise dose of coffee directly into the basket for you. Next use the purpose made tamper to tamp down the ground coffee ( make sure the tamp is level and even to get the best extraction ).Then place the basket into the Brew head and press the selected single or double shot button for beautifully extracted coffee shot, all of this only takes a minute, with little training you will be making a coffee house quality flat white in no time.

A great benefit to using the Sage Espresso machine is how quick it’s ready to use, after switching it on it will warm up in only a minute or two. Once everything’s warmed up run a little hot water through the Brew head and basket to warm them up and you’re ready to brew the perfect espresso!

Steaming milk with the Sage Espresso Machine is precise and controllable, enabling the perfect texturing of milk for that perfect flat white or latte.

Is the Sage Barista Express the Best Coffee Machine?

Just like the Pro and the Touch, the Sage Barista Express is a bean to cup espresso coffee machine but this one leaves you fully in charge of producing your own perfect coffee every time. Like a real barista you have control of every element of making your coffee just how you like it and just as well as a professional barista. You choose the grind for your beans and tamp them into your portafilter before locking it in and watching your beautiful espresso shot pour, then with the steam-wand you froth your milk to just the right texture and temperature. Then you are free to work your latte-art
magic and present a perfect barista coffee with pride.

Don’t forget that not only do we sell these Sage coffee machines, but we can also provide advice and support. We run a variety of coffee and barista courses and at our roastery in the heart of Shrewsbury we even run courses to which you can bring your much-loved Sage coffee machine and learn everything you need to know to mastery being a home barista.


  • Sage The Barista Express Espresso Machine With Temp Control Milk Jug Additional Information
    • Dimensions: 32.5 x 31 x 40 cm (WxDxH)
    • Materials: Brushed Stainless Steel
    • Bean Hopper Capacity: 250 grams.
    • Water Tank Capacity: 2 Ltr.
    • Warranty: 2-year limited manufacturer’s warranty (Please note: Sage products covered by this manufacturer’s Guarantee are intended for private household (non-commercial) use only.)

    Sage The Barista Express Espresso Machine With Temp Control Milk Jug Settings:

    • Single or Double Shots,
    • Adjustable Grind Amount & Manual over-ride.

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Weight10600 g
Dimensions33 × 31 × 40 cm

Stainless Steel, Black



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