Sage Smart Grinder Pro

The Sage Smart Grinder™ Pro comes in sleek stainless steel, boasts a high-performing DC motor that provides 60 distinctive adjustments for all types of coffee, from espresso to drip coffee, and more. It incorporates a programmable conical burr grinder that unlocks the full flavour of every brew.

With options for selecting ‘cups’ when brewing French Press or Filter coffee, and ‘shots’ for Espresso, it ensures you’ll always have the perfect quantity for your chosen brew. You also have the convenience of grinding directly into a portafilter or a sealed container.

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With the coffee grinder’s programmable timed grinding options, you can customise the dose for your brew type to deliver the finest cup every time. Grind directly into a portafilter or an airtight container using either ‘cups’ for French press or drip coffee or ‘shots’ for espresso to ensure the right dose for the coffee you’re brewing. A clear and concise LCD screen shows the grind setting, grind time and number of shots or cups you have selected—no more guesswork required!

The intuitive digital display ensures accuracy and control over each grind cycle, along with five preset grind settings and a dedicated espresso button. With advanced features such as the automatic timer and dose control, you can enjoy consistent results with every cup of coffee you prepare.

The Smart Grinder™ Pro features 60 grind sizes to choose from so you can easily customize the coarseness of your coffee grounds. It also offers precision digital timing and an LCD display to help you get the most out of every grind. In addition, its built-in safety system prevents overheating so your coffee stays at peak flavour without burning or bitter taste.


  • Adjust the grind size and grind time with 60 grind sizes to choose from. You can also control how long the grinder will run for in 0.2 second increments.
  • Clear LCD display to show you all the vital information you need to achieve the perfect cup.
  • Pre-programmed presets to help you quickly change the settings to suit how fine or coarse you need your beans to be.
  • You have the choice of grinding directly into a paper filter, an airtight container, or a portafilter.
Weight3930 g
Dimensions36 × 22 × 15 cm

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