Roaster’s Choice Coffee Subscription

If you’ve taken a look at our coffee subscriptions, then you’ll have seen that we offer a Roaster’s Choice coffee subscription option.

Every other week, a different ethically sourced coffee from around the world is hand selected by our Head Roaster, Kev Burrows, and sent out for you to try. Picked for their unique qualities and taste profiles, this offers you the very best quality coffee beans, hand roasted using bespoke convection roasting techniques to bring out their optimum flavours for you to enjoy. Whether it be a light, fruity Kenyan, or an intense, chocolatey Costa Rican; you will experience a range of taste profiles.

This is the best coffee subscription for coffee lovers who aren’t afraid to try new beans!

You can find all of the details about our current Roaster’s Choice coffee below.
If you’re looking for an older Roaster’s Choice coffee, then scroll down further to find all of our previous selections! You can also find all of the videos for each selection on our social media pages.

CUrrently, our Roaster’s Choice coffee is the:


INdonesia old brown java


Dates: 13/05/2024 – 26/05/2024 


Our Roaster's Choice coffee for 13/05/2024 - 26/05/2024 is the Indonesia Old Brown Java. Text over a picture of cigars, cup of coffee, coffee beans, cinnamon and other spices,<br />
and ground coffee scattered across an oak barrel.

Java, nicknamed “the spice island,” is the fourth-largest island in Indonesia but is home to more than half the country’s population.

Coffee on Java is mostly grown on its eastern end, around the Ijen volcano, and harvested between July and September. More recently, Arabica has been planted in West and Central Java, and production is increasing every year.

Thanks in part to its rich soil and abundant rainfall, Indonesia is the world’s third-leading producer and exporter of coffee. Approximately 90 percent of Indonesia’s production is Robusta, with Arabica comprising the remaining 10 percent.

Old Brown Java – also known as Old Brown coffee or Old Government Java – was traditionally used as ballast on sailing ships travelling to Europe in the 16th and 17th Centuries, where the sea water gave the coffee a distinct flavour.

This particular Old Brown Java is grown on the Blawan estate. This state-owned farm benefits from its lofty position, the microclimate on the plateau, and the incredibly rich soil produced by centuries of volcanic activity.

Its mild acidity, heavy-bodied taste and subtle sweetness is attained through a weathering process that can take between 2 and 7 years. The green coffee beans that have been milled but not yet roasted are exposed to the region’s moist, warm air throughout the rainy season. The ‘monsooning’ process results in a strengthening of the coffee’s taste and a weakening of the acidity. There is also a distinct colour change from the original green tint of the coffee beans to a light brown colour.

The flavour of these beans is very unique, only similar only to our Indian Monsoon Malabar. A musky aroma is paired with very rustic earthy note – in the cup, you can expect to taste tobacco, cinnamon, and oak. This coffee has a very full body and low acidity, with a long finish that makes it especially impressive.


Country = Indonesia
Method = Washed
Altitude = 900m - 1500m
Tasting notes = Tobacco, Cinnamon, Oak
Our advised brew method is V60. Ratio 1:15. 25g in, 300g out. Brew time of 3 minutes.

We’ve been enjoying this coffee brewed through a filter as this is the best way to maintain the mature flavour profile in its cleanest form. It does work with milk too though, which brings out the subtle sweetness.


Tried this coffee yet? We’d love to hear your thoughts…

Looking for a coffee you have enjoyed previously?

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MEXICO NKG BLOOM MAD MASH: 15/04/2024 – 28/04/2024

Country: Mexico
Process Method: Semi-washed
Altitude: 1500 -1800m
Tasting Notes: Syrup, Green Apple, Tropical Fruit
Advised Brew Method: V60. 20g in, 300g out. Brew time of 3 minutes.

Mexico NKG Bloom Los Altos is the work of 102 indigenous women from five municipalities of the Los Altos de Chiapas region of Mexico. Mad Mash is produced by a group of smallholder farmers in Chimhucum, where the population is 100% indigenous. The Tzotziles and the Tzeltales are two related Mayan groups that, together with the Tojolabales, inhabit Los Altos and some municipalities in the surrounding area. Here, they speak Tzotzil - 'Mad Mash' is a combination of English and Tzotzil; it translates as "Crazy Monkey".

The coffee, including Sarchimor, Caturra, and Catuai varieties, is grown under shade trees in the mountains of Los Altos. The farms use sustainable practices, such as compost and water treatment. The producers use artisinal processes such as hand depulping, fermentation tanks, and sun-drying. The most peculiar thing regarding this coffee is that the producers use a semi-washed process, as they only ferment the coffees for between 6 to 12 hours. This creates a lot of unique flavours.

The farm sits in an area that is in the highest part of the region, which is why it has a humid and cold climate for most of the year. As a result, this creates a microclimate for coffee with exceptional flavour in the cup. That's exactly what we have here: you can expect tasting notes of green apple and tropical fruits. It's a very palatable coffee that is bright, with juicy acidity, and a full, syrupy body.

BRAZIL FAZENDA PARAISO: 01/04/2024 – 14/04/2024

Country: Brazil
Process Method: Natural
Altitude: 900 -1100m
Tasting Notes: Chocolate, Nuts, Caramelised Biscuit
Advised Brew Method: Espresso. 19g in, 44g out. Extraction time of 25-28 seconds.

Fazenda Paraiso is a farm is situated in the valley of Serra da Pedra Branca; a region that presents ideal conditions for coffee production, including an average altitude of 950 meters and a climate with well-defined seasons, low humidity and favourable temperatures. The producer and agronomist consultant, Guy Carvalho, bought Fazenda Paraiso in 1990. He is passionate about coffee and his approach is very much quality-driven.

Harvested between May and August, the cherries are picked by automated systems – Guy is keen to embrace the use of technology and sees it as a key tool in the future of coffee. Some areas this is by ‘hands’ as the slopes are too steep, and others by more traditional threshers.

The farm has drying patios and uses modern processing equipment including a washer and a pulper. A mechanical mucilage remover is used to produce pulped natural coffees during periods of excessive rain. The beans are then taken to the patios and sorted, dried, and processed under the sun for initial drying stages and finished in guardiolas to keep maximum control over moisture levels.

This is a super versatile coffee with a full body and low acidity, with lovely tasting notes of milk chocolate, nuts, and caramelised biscuit. We expect this to be very popular!

COSTA RICA TARRAZU HERMOSA HONEY: 18/03/2024 - 31/03/2024

Country:  Costa Rica
Process Method:  Honey
Altitude:  1500 -1800m
Tasting Notes:  Orange, Caramel, Macadamia nut
Advised Brew Method: V60. 20g in, 300g out. Brew time of 3 minutes.

We are finishing March strongly here with a lovely honey process coffee from Coope Dota in the Tarrazu region of Costa Rica.

In the small town of Santa Maria de Dota, at the centre of the coffee growers of Tarrazu that contribute to it, is the coffee processing mill and facilities belonging to Coope Dota. Established back in 1960, they currently represent around 900 small growers and hold the title as the first coffee processor in the world to be certified as carbon neutral, back in 2011.

The varietals grown are mainly Caturra and Catuai, but some farmers are experimenting with Obata; the cross between Timor Hybrid and Villa Sarchi brought to Costa Rica from Brazil by ICAFE in 2014.

The coffee is picked by hand and pulped mechanically, with 70% of the mucilage left on the bean - with the cherry being agitated just enough to ensure even drying without any over fermentation - ready for the fermentation stage and drying on patios.

You can expect to taste strong notes of orange and caramel, with a subtle hint of rich, creamy macadamia nut.

NICARAGUA JINOTEGA ALDEA: 04/03/2024 - 17/03/2024

Country:  Nicaragua
Process Method:  Washed
Altitude:  1200 -1800m
Tasting Notes:  Cocoa, Malt, Almond
Advised Brew Method: Espresso. 19g in, 44g out. Extraction time of 25-28 seconds.

This washed coffee comes from the Asociacion Aldea Global Jinotega. This is a cooperative that we have worked with for years now, so we know how good the coffee they produce is.

This is a brand new harvest from the cooperative which we’re super excited about and so we wanted to share it with our Roaster’s Choice subscribers first. The coffee is shade grown, before being washed and then sundried. It has an SCA score of 85.

In the cup, you can expect a really delicious combination of cocoa, malt and almond tasting notes with a medium body and a subtle sweet honey finish – making this a super easy to drink coffee.

We’ve been enjoying this as a flat white as it’s lovely through milk, but it’s a really versatile coffee that can be brewed and enjoyed however you please.

GUATEMALA ZACAPA: 19/02/2024 - 03/03/2024

Country:  Guatemala
Process Method:  Washed
Altitude:  900 -1100m
Tasting Notes:  Milk chocolate, Caramelised apple
Advised Brew Method: Espresso. 19g in, 44g out. Extraction time of 25-28 seconds.

Zacapa, which sits towards the Honduran border, is renowned for its rum brand – but it’s also home to great coffee. The coffee we get from here, through FEDECOCAGUA, is an example of high-quality washed coffee. Because it grows at a fairly low altitude, it’s harvested early and so marks the start of the new coffee season.

Despite the lower altitude and early harvest, no attention to detail is spared. The coffee cherries are picked when fully ripe, then pulped, fermented in water tanks, and finally dried—often on patios nestled between houses or at centralized processing mills.

In your cup, expect a delightful combination of sweet milk chocolate notes followed by hints of caramelized apple. This stunning coffee is a versatile choice and showcases the differences between coffees from the same origin, especially when compared to the Huehuetenango ASDECAFE Organic we sent out at the start of 2024.


PERU PICHANAKI ORGANIC: 05/02/2024 - 18/02/2024

Country:  Peru
Process Method:  Washed
Altitude:  1100 -1700m
Tasting Notes:  Biscuit, Caramel, Stone Fruit
Advised Brew Method:  Espresso. 19g in, 44g out. Extraction time of 25-28 seconds.


This coffee is certified organic and has a really lovely balanced flavour profile. You can expect a strong nutty aroma whilst brewing, followed by tasting notes of digestive biscuits, caramel, and some slight stone fruit acidity.

This coffee makes a really smooth cup and is a great example of a washed Peruvian coffee. Easy to drink all day long!

It comes from 198 producers in the COINCA Cafes Especiales (CCE) program. In the region of Chachamayo, producers grow Catuai, Catimor, Caturra, and other varieties of coffee bean between 1100 and 1700 metres above sea level.

The red cherries are pulped by hand, floated to remove any poor quality beans, fermented for between 16 and 20 hours, and then dried for three to four days on patios at the farms.

CONGO KIVU 4: 22/01/2024 – 04/02/2024

Country:  DR Congo
Process Method:  Washed
Altitude: 1700 -2000m
Tasting Notes:  Watermelon, Citrus, Almond, and Redcurrant
Advised Brew Method:  V60. 1:15 ratio - 20g in, 300g out. Brew time of 3 minutes.


Congo Kivu 4 is grown on the shores of lake Kivu in DR Congo. The coffees grown near these shores are very distinct and as such, are helping to put DR Congo on the map in the world of speciality coffee. The soil is rich in nutrients being in close vicinity to both Lake Kivu and the active volcano, Mount Nyiragongo, which makes the soil ideal for growing coffee.

So, what tasting notes can you expect with this coffee? Strong hints of watermelon are blended with some bright and zesty citrus notes, some nutty almond notes, and some sweet redcurrant flavours which bring an enjoyable juiciness.

This one is a little different and so we’re sure those of you who like trying something new will enjoy it! If you typically enjoy Rwandan coffee, then you’ll be interested to know that lake Kivu borders Rwanda, and coffees from both origins often share similar characteristics.



Country:  Guatemala
Process Method:  Washed
Altitude: 1400 -1800m
Tasting Notes:  Milk chocolate, Citrus, and Berry
Advised Brew Method:  V60. 1:15 ratio - 20g in, 300g out. Brew time of 3 minutes.

We are starting our Roaster's Choice subscription for 2024 with a bang with this smooth and complex coffee from Guatemala. You can expect milk chocolate, citrus, and strawberry tasting notes and a very silky mouthfeel which we are sure you will thoroughly enjoy!

This coffee is a fully washed lot, comprised of Catuai, Bourbon, and Pache varieties. Grown at 1400-1800masl, it is produced by La Asociacion Sostenible de Café de Guatemala (ASDECAFE).

ASDECAFE is a sustainable coffee association in Guatemala with more than 1,000 active producer members. It was founded in September 2013 and includes seven co-ops in the regions of Huehuetenango and El Quiche. ASDECAFE is committed to sustainability and environmental protections, the equitable distribution of all generated income, and is intently focused on using good agricultural and post-harvest practices to improve its members’ coffee quality. The association received Organic certification around 2014.

We keep a track of all of the coffee’s that we select for our Roaster’s Choice subscription, dating back to the start of 2023. If you have any specific questions, or would like to learn more about any of the coffees that we have selected, then please get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help!



How do coffee subscriptions work?

Coffee subscriptions are a convenient way to ensure you get your daily caffeine fix. The process is straightforward and flexible. First, you choose your coffee and set your grind. Next, you select a subscription plan that suits your preferences, whether it’s a monthly or bi-weekly delivery. Once you’ve made your choices, your coffee is then freshly hand roasted to order, before the beans are then carefully packaged and shipped to your address. It’s a hassle-free and efficient way to enjoy speciality coffee without ever running out, and it allows you to explore different coffee varieties, origins, and profiles, enriching your coffee journey one cup at a time.

Here at Iron & Fire, we know you need flexibility and so we give you full control over your subscription – you are free to modify, pause or cancel at any time. Enjoy your perfect coffee on your terms.

Step 1 - choose your coffee
Step 2 - Tell us how you like to make it
Step 3 - Choose your weight and frequency
Step 4 - Enjoy!

Why are coffee subscriptions so popular?

According to the British Coffee Association, we now drink approximately 98 million cups of coffee per day in the UK. That’s a lot of people drinking a lot of coffee. Therefore, it should really come as no surprise to hear that so many people are looking for the best way to buy their coffee. In recent years, coffee subscriptions have gained immense popularity among coffee enthusiasts. These subscriptions offer a convenient way to receive freshly roasted coffee beans regularly, ensuring you always have a steady supply of high-quality coffee at your fingertips. Additionally, coffee subscriptions provide a unique opportunity to explore a wide range of coffee beans, flavours, and profiles that you might not have encountered otherwise – no more scouring for that elusive perfect blend.

Coffee subscriptions also make for the perfect gift. And the Iron & Fire Roaster’s Choice coffee subscription is no exception; it’s truly the gift that keeps on giving! It provides a unique experience as a gift and allows the recipient to enjoy a journey of coffee from around the world. The ever-changing selection of beans ensures that each delivery is a new and exciting experience, making it the perfect present for someone who craves variety and quality in their daily cuppa’ coffee. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or a simple gesture of appreciation, a coffee subscription is a thoughtful gift that shows you understand and appreciate their passion for exceptional coffee.

Head over to our coffee subscription gift page to learn more.

The pros of coffee subscriptions

They save money

Brits are spending more money than ever on takeaway coffees, but you can save yourself some coins by making your own coffee with a coffee subscription. Indeed, coffee subscriptions are a brilliant way to save money and, let’s face it, who doesn’t want to save money right now? At Iron & Fire, you will get 10% off your coffee by purchasing a coffee subscription.

Plus, by ordering the exact amount of coffee you want and when you need it, you drastically reduce the chance of your coffee going to waste. Savings all round!

They save time

With an Iron & Fire coffee subscription, you save yourself the hassle of having to place a new order each time. When you sign up, your coffee beans will automatically be ordered and dispatched according to your instructions when you set the subscription up. Regardless of how easy it is to order our coffee, this is time you can now spend doing other important things… like drinking coffee.

They are convenient

You wearily trudge downstairs, still half asleep, and head straight to make your coffee – only to realise you’ve run out of beans! We’ve all been there at one point or another, and it sucks. But with a coffee subscription, you will never run out of coffee. That means no more last-minute trips to the shop! Your favourite coffee beans automatically delivered straight to your door – could it get more convenient?

They offer better coffee

It goes without saying that the coffee you’ll receive in a subscription from Iron & Fire is far more fresh than anything you can pick up at the supermarket. Considering the taste of your coffee is affected by the date it was roasted (and not a ‘best before’ date), it’s vitally important to get your coffee as fresh as possible. The best way to guarantee freshness is by purchasing your coffee from a roastery like Iron & Fire, and a subscription is the best way to purchase it!

Additionally, the Roaster’s Choice speciality coffee features some of our favourites and most popular coffees. They are sourced from the finest coffee-producing regions around the world and are roasted to give a full complex speciality taste. We have beans coming from the rich, fertile soils of Africa, Central America, and South America. Each region imparts its unique flavours to the beans, resulting in a coffee that is as diverse as its source.

The best part is that you will gain knowledge about the coffee that you receive, including the country of origin, the production method, the tasting notes, and the best way to make and drink it.

So, don’t miss out – try our personalised coffee subscription service right away and elevate your coffee experience the easy way!