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A surprise delivery consisting of the very best coffee beans roasted this week. Subscribe to enjoy a range of speciality coffees, a different one each time.


Experience a delightful surprise with Iron & Fire’s Roaster’s Choice Speciality Coffee Beans. Our expert roasters meticulously curate these beans from the very best of what’s freshly roasted in a given week, providing you with an incredible and unique coffee experience each time.

The Roaster’s Choice speciality coffee features some of our favourites and most popular coffees. The very best of what we have is ethically sourced beans from around the world, roasted to give a full complex speciality taste. A real ‘go-to’ for all coffee lovers who want to have the best coffee we have.


Origins of Coffee Beans

Our Roaster’s Choice coffee are sourced from the finest coffee-producing regions around the world. We have beans coming from the rich, fertile soils of Africa, Central America, and South America. Each region imparts its unique flavours to the beans, resulting in a coffee that is as diverse as its source.


Our African beans come from Ethiopia and Kenya, the historical heartland of coffee. These beans are known for their bright acidity and strong fruity flavours.

Central and South America

From the high-altitude farms in Costa Rica to the rich volcanic soils of Colombia, our Central and South American beans are renowned for their balanced flavour profiles and smooth, clean finishes.

Monsooned Aged

In addition, we also offer Monsooned Aged beans. These beans are exposed to the monsoon winds in coastal regions of India, which gives them a unique, bold flavour that coffee connoisseurs love.

Each cup of our Roaster’s Speciality Coffee brings you on a journey to these incredible regions, offering a taste of their culture and passion for coffee.



wholebean, cafetiere, aeropress, espresso, moka, pourover


100g, 220g, 500g, 1kg


Yes, No, Both

Roast level

Light, Medium, Dark


Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso machine, Moka pot, Pour over/filter

Taste profile

Chocolate, Spice, Fruit, Floral, Nut, Caramel


Africa, Central America, South America, Monsooned Aged, House Blend

Processing method

Natural, Honey, Washed, Monsooned


Organic, UTZ, RFA, Fair trade


Product Reviews

3 reviews for Roaster's Choice Speciality Coffee

  1. Alun Severn

    PERU TAPIR ANDINO: I have just received my first order of I&F coffee, including the roaster’s choice selection, Peru Tapir Andino. I have been impressed by I&F’s customer service and attention to detail. I also like the fact that they offer good value.

    It has prompted me to improve my coffee making and consequently I am paying greater attention to how I make the coffee and the results I get. I’ve just made an aeropress of Peru Tapir and for the first time I am finding that black coffee actually does taste of some of the things the roaster identified, and this is sweet and fruity, with a hint of berry. I have two other selections to try but already I feel as if I have arrived at what is for me an entirely new level of coffee enjoyment.

  2. Stephen Hepburn

    I enjoy the fact I never know which coffee I will receive. Every month the coffee comes with an information sheet and brewing guide. The coffee always tastes great and its good to try something a bit different from the usual coffee’s I order.

  3. Dick France

    I receive a packet each month with my subscription and it is always a very nice surprise. Obviously, the taste varies depending on the roaster’s choice but I have always appreciated the quality, and effort that clearly goes into making it. It gives me a smile each month. Great stuff.

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