There is something special about live music: the drama, the spectacle, the unpredictability and the art. Somehow recorded music just doesn’t live up to the experience, it is still good, but it simply doesn’t quite have the magic of being in the same space as the musicians.

It can be the same with coffee: we go out to a glamorous, cool coffee shop and there is the flashy machine, the hiss of the steam wand, the latte art and of course the delicious coffee. At home though, a cafetière or American filter doesn’t quite feel the same: it’s coffee, just like a Spotify playlist is music, but it is a pale shadow of the “real thing”.

What if you could take the “concert experience” home? What if you could have the band performing for you on the kitchen surface?

Here at Iron & Fire we have the three best Sage Home Coffee machines, the rock stars of home coffee-making, ready to perform at the intimate venue of your own kitchen and the show they
provide will truly blow your mind. You can forget the big-ticket booking fee too, what costs thousands of pounds in a coffee shop, thanks to Sage, can be performing for you for only hundreds
of pounds.

What we also bring to your purchase is the experience and expertise of a team who know the Sage coffee machines inside and out and in this blog we would like to answer some of the questions
which we are asked most frequently.

Typically Asked Questions:

  1. Which is the best Sage coffee machine?
  2. How do I reset my Sage coffee machine?
  3. How do I clean my sage coffee machine?
  4. How do I descale my sage coffee machine?
  5. What is the best grind size to use on my Sage coffee machine?
  6. What kind of beans should I use in my sage coffee machine?
  7. Should I use bottled water in my Sage coffee machine?
  8. What I the best extraction time for an espresso on the Sage coffee machine?
  9. When should I use a single or double shot on my Sage coffee machine?