It’s often difficult when looking into buying coffee grinders. What do grinder do I need? How much am I willing to spend on one? Are just two of the many questions people ask themselves when buying coffee grinders. Which is why here at Iron & Fire want to make things easier for you when purchasing a coffee grinder.

Blade Grinder 

This type of coffee grinder is produced using a double-pronged blade that spins swiftly, cutting the beans in fine pieces in a matter of seconds. On the odd occasion the blade doesn’t cut the coffee bean finely enough, therefore will need to be chopped again. The heat generated while the coffee beans are being chopped change the flavour of the coffee.

An advantage of this type of grinder is that they’re very convenient to use. All you have to do is put the beans in the grinder and push the button and the coffee is broken down. They’re often affordable to buy as well, the average cost of a blade coffee grinder is just under £15 which is relatively cheap as coffee grinders go.

However, there is a disadvantage of this method, the beans are inconsistent in size. Often the coffee beans come out in all shapes and sizes which is its downfall. Another drawback of this type of grinder is that on occasions the grinder can make the coffee bean lose its flavour.        

Burr Grinder 

The Burr Grinder is a more old-fashioned machine than its bladed counterpart. This coffee grinder is more consistent than the bladed grinder giving to small, uniformed coffee beans, which is paramount to making high-quality coffee. The coffee beans are tossed between two grinding surfaces which turns them into cocoa bean powder. In the burr grinder, the user of the grinder can adapt the setting to change the distance of the abrasive surfaces. Having the surfaces further apart creates a larger coffee bean. The opposite to this is that is the surfaces are tighter together then the beans are a smaller sized. This effective because you can alter the size of your coffee beans.

One advantage that has already been touched on is the consistency of the coffee bean when using the Burr grinder. The beans will all be the same size allowing for a smoother coffee. If you’re using expensive sourced coffee beans its best uses the Burr because of the stability of the coffee bean.

As this burr coffee grinder is consistent, there is a downfall. It is a more expensive product than the blade coffee grinder costing you on average £30.00, depending on the quality of the machine. This type of grinder is older than its faster rivals which means it takes longer for the coffee particles to grind.

Overall there are advantages and disadvantages of both models of coffee grinder. However, the burr grinder is a more reliable job than the blade grinder which is a benefit of that model. Although the blade grinder still does the job and will still get a lovely cup of coffee. The prices are something to also take into consideration when choosing your coffee grinder.


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