What you’ll need:

Aeropress Coffee Maker and filter paper

  • 93 – 96 degrees water (210g)
  • 15g of your favourite Iron & Fire coffee – medium grind (coarse black pepper)
  • Kettle
  • Spoon
  • Scales
  • Timer


Step by step guide to making an inverted aeropress

Step 1: Weigh in 15g of coffee and grind to a texture of coarse black pepper

Step 2 : Insert your filter paper into your detachable Aeropress cap and rinse with hot water ( be careful not to burn yourself), this will remove any paper taste in your coffee and also help the filter paper attach itself to the cap.

Step 3: Place your Aeropress upside down (numbers should be upside down on your Aeropress, with the plunger at number 4). Then add in your ground coffee, being mindful of spilling any into the ‘gutter’ where the cap re-attaches.

Step 4: Tare off your scales, and start your timer. Proceed to add in your hot water to 50g and allow your coffee to ‘bloom’. Using your paddle/spoon, ensure all your coffee is wet. You should see your coffee bubbling and releasing gas. Allow it to do this for 30 seconds.

Step 5: The pour the remaining water (160g), this should leave around a few cm from the top of the Aeropress. Give it another 4-5 stirs using your paddle. Allow your coffee to brew for another minute. 

Step 6: Fasten your cap onto your Aeropress tightly, and then flip it over onto your chosen mug or vessel. Begin plunging your coffee, you will be met with some resistance 

Step 7: Overall brew time should be around 2.20 minutes

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