V60 brew guide

Watch our V60 brew guide for a detailed demonstration on how to brew a v60 pourover  or follow the seps below. This is an idea beginners guide to v60 pour and will get you making outstanding coffee with some very basic affordable brew kit. Enjoy!

What you need to make a v60 pourover

For our V60 brew guide you will need:

93-95 degrees water

17g of your favourite Iron & Fire coffee – medium grind (caster sugar like consistency)

V60 dripper and filter paper

Hario glass server or something similar

Scales (with ability to go to 0.1g)


Gooseneck Kettle

Step by step guide to making your V60 – V60 brew guide

Step 1: Pre wet your filter paper and vessel. This is to remove papery tastes and also to preheat your v60 and vessel. Throw away this water.

Step 2: Grind up between 15g to 17g of your favourite Iron&Fire coffee. Then add this into your filter paper, ensuring a level bed of coffee to create an even extraction.

Step 3: Tare off your scales

Step 4: Using a gooseneck kettle, slowly pour on 50g of water over the coffee bed in small circular motion to allow the coffee to bloom. This is to release the gas from the coffee, help create an even extraction and ensure the coffee is at an even temperature for further pours.

Step 5: After 30 seconds, pour another 100g of water over the coffee bed. Try to avoid pouring down the sides of the filter and keep the water over the coffee bed to maintain an even extraction throughout. Pouring in little circles from the middle outwards.

Step 6: At 1 minute, pour another 50g of water using the same technique as before.

Step 7: At 1minute 30, pour another 50g of water

Step 8: Leave to brew for 2.45 minutes (if it finishes dripping quicker than 2:45, grind your coffee a little finer and if it’s slower than that grind a little coarser)

If you would like a little more strength and body to your coffee, consider increasing your dose of coffee. If you would prefer it a little more subtle, then lower your dose. The great thing about V60’s is you can alter your dose, grind, water temperature etc to change your coffee to how you would like it. This is just a guide to help get you started.

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