Zewdu Speciality Blend

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An excellent award-winning coffee carefully roasted to bring out the balance and flavour of Africa’s finest coffees, with gentle floral notes and a soft body.

We enjoy this blend brewed as a pour over, but it is a flexible coffee that can be brewed however you like.

Taste Profile: Floral, Black Tea, Lemon

Our Zewdu Speciality Blend won a 2022 Great Taste award for its clean delicate, floral flavours in the cup. The judges enjoyed the soft mouthfeel and herbal notes commenting “this coffee is a clever crowd pleaser, with a bit of something for everyone”.

You can expect black tea, lemon, and floral tasting notes and a super soft body. An easy-to-drink coffee!

Processing method


Roast level



Aeropress, Pour over/filter



Taste profile

Floral, Black Tea, Lemon


Bright & Fruity

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1 review for Zewdu Speciality Blend

  1. jazzy-vicky

    Highly recommend. If you drink your coffee black, then give this a try for sure. I brew this up on my Kalita Wave and its gorgeous.

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