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Kev’s Top Milk Steaming Tips

If you are steaming milk at home or at work and haven't quite got to grips with it, here are a few basic tips and techniques that might help... GENERAL TIPS When texturing milk, the air should only be introduced right at the...

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10 Different Types of Coffee Explained

Have you ever walked into a coffee shop, looked at the hefty list of options on the wall and feel a little bit… flummoxed?! We’re not surprised - the amount of different coffees that are available to buy these days is enough to make anybody confused. What actually...

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Which Coffee Brewing Method is the Best?

If you’re after a new coffee brewing device then you have a LOT to choose from these days. Depending on which one you choose will produce a different coffee taste- and then of course there are things like price, levels of difficulty and how much space the machine...

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The Magic of Cold-Brew Coffee and How to Make It

As soon as the weather begins to heat up, coffee suddenly doesn't seem as appetising as it does during the colder months... luckily for us, there are lots of refreshing 'iced' versions knocking around that are guaranteed to cool you down whilst simultaneously...

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Top Tips on Caring for Your Coffee Machine

Looking after your coffee machine at home is SO important- for many reasons! Firstly, they don’t come cheap, and keeping your coffee machine properly maintained will ensure that it lasts for as long as possible and will save you the expense of buying a new one as...

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The Hottest Coffee Trends of 2018

With the UK high street adding more and more coffee shops every month, it’s no surprise that coffee has beaten the traditional cup of tea to being the nation’s favourite hot drink. According to research conducted by Allegra Project Coffee 2018, 81% of people now...

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Tips for Using Your French Press / Cafetiere

There has been lots written on how and how not to brew coffee in a cafetiere. The bottom line is if you like the coffee you make, then that's the right way! We've put together a few tips that may be worth playing with if you're not doing it already.