House Blend Speciality Coffee

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A beautiful bespoke blend consisting of the very best of South American single origin coffee beans. Rich and sweet, with nutty notes. A proven favourite!

This makes a great espresso, but it can be brewed however you want as it’s a very flexible blend!



Taste Profile: Full Bodied, Chocolate, Nut, Caramel

A unique and exquisite blend of the finest South American single-origin coffee beans. Perfectly roasted by our artisanal baristas, this aromatic and robust blend brings out the sweet, nutty flavours, and has become a proven favourite having received great feedback from house blend drinkers!

The Iron & Fire house blend consists of speciality beans from carefully chosen farms in the Huila region of Colombia and also in Brazil. This is a blend of single-origin, quality beans which work superbly together in their taste profiles. Full-bodied, nutty and smooth with a pleasant chocolate aftertaste.


South American Single-Origin Coffee Beans are well known for their distinct and flavourful taste, and have been enjoyed by coffee drinkers around the world since the early 19th century. The beans originate from countries in South America including Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Ecuador and Venezuela. These countries produce some of the finest coffees in the world due to their ideal climate conditions for growing coffee, as well as their unique soil composition.

The beans are carefully harvested and processed to bring out the best flavours, allowing each bean to retain its distinct taste and aroma. The renowned Colombian arabica coffee is one of the most famous varieties from South America and is highly sought after for its sweet flavour notes and smooth body. It has been a staple in South American coffee culture for centuries and is the perfect choice for those who are looking for a balanced, yet flavourful cup of coffee.


Processing method


Roast level

Medium, Dark


Cafetiere, Espresso machine, Moka pot


South America

Taste profile

Full Bodied, Chocolate, Nut, Caramel


Nutty & smooth, Rich & Chocolatey

Product Reviews

4 reviews for House Blend Speciality Coffee

  1. Shine9

    Our local tennis club in Shrewsbury started using this blend and this got me hooked. I now have 500gms every month a great blend.

  2. Mirek

    This has been my staple go-to coffee for a long time. It has proved a reliable blend throughout the year despite crop variations with a consistent roast profile. Full flavoured and reliable. I love it.

  3. Ricothesquirrel

    This is probably our favourite household coffee – it’s perfect for all occasions, great balance, delicious balanced rich flavour – just lovely

  4. Ricothesquirrel

    This is our go to, favourite household daily coffee, it’s perfectly balanced and really great for all occasions – plus it’s delivers on good depth and flavour

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