Papua New Guinea Elimbari

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A rich, sweet coffee bean from Papua New Guinea that has been roasted to bring out the chocolate, treacle & green apple notes.

We suggest drinking this as a flat white or latte as it’s great through milk. It can, however, be brewed however you want as it is a flexible coffee that works across all brew methods

Taste Profile: Apple, Chocolate, Treacle

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This is a very decedent and popular coffee from Papua New Guinea. With tasting notes of chocolate, treacle, and green apple, we’re not surprised!

Close to the border of Eastern Highlands Province, the district of Chuave lies central to Papua New Guinea (PNG) and within the New Guinea Highlands that stretch across the island of New Guinea.

The Highlands themselves are actually a chain of mountain ranges, and the Bismarck range is where the coffee growing slopes that produce the cherry for Elimbari are. PNG is what is known as a megadiverse country – one of 17 identified countries that exhibit over 5,000 endemic plant species and bordering marine ecosystems. Coffee is grown mainly by smallholders in ‘gardens’ – a small plot of land that contains everything from a few trees up to a three-hectare plot at most. There are a few more traditional plantations, but these account for just under 20% of production.

Once picked coffee is pulped, and then dry fermented for 24 hours in wooden or plastic boxes before being washed and dried on sails – stretched tarpaulin drying beds. Coffee is then sold to collectors and taken to the renovated dry mill facility belonging to Kongo, who cup, select, process and hand sort where necessary before bagging and exporting the coffee.

Producer: Kongo Coffee Limited
Region: Chuave
Altitude: 1500-1800 masl
Process: Washed
Variety: Arusha, Bourbon, Typica
SCA Score: 82.75

Processing method


Roast level



Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso machine, Moka pot, Pour over/filter


Monsooned Aged

Taste profile

Apple, Chocolate, Treacle

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  1. PeterWilder

    My go to Iron & Fire coffee at the moment. Very smooth and lovely caramel/syrupy tasting notes which I enjoy.

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