The Dark Side Speciality Blend

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A rich, sweet, dark-roasted speciality coffee blend. Roasted to bring out the cacao, spice, and treacle notes. Welcome to the Dark Side!

We enjoy this blend brewed as an espresso, but it is a flexible coffee that can be brewed however you like.

Taste Profile: Full Bodied, Cacao, Tobacco, Treacle

This blend of single-origin beans has been carefully selected for its superior taste profile, which works particularly well as a dark roast coffee. The chocolatey, sweet taste profile has been well developed to result in a highly flavoursome rich, decedent coffee full of body and texture. A must-try for dark roast fans!


Our dark side coffee blends two single origin coffees to bring out a unique flavour profile that is a testament to the innovative processing techniques employed. Our monsoon aged origin beans originate from the southwestern coast of India, in which these beans undergo a specialised ageing process that was discovered accidentally during the colonial era.

Ships transporting coffee from India to Europe would take up to six months, during which the beans, exposed to the monsoon’s high humidity, swelled and aged, significantly altering their character.

Today, this natural process is meticulously recreated by storing the beans in open-sided warehouses, allowing the moist, warm winds of the monsoon to pass through, resulting in a coffee that is lower in acidity, with a full-bodied flavour that is cherished by connoisseurs around the globe.

Processing method


Roast level



Aeropress, Cafetiere, Espresso machine, Moka pot, Pour over/filter


Monsooned Aged

Taste profile

Full Bodied, Cacao, Tobacco, Treacle

Product Reviews

6 reviews for The Dark Side Speciality Blend

  1. Wayne Wilkins

    Now this is a coffee that will be a regular on my subscription, it’s strong but no bitterness, it’s definitely my favourite

  2. clairemjenkinson

    I have this on subscription it’s so good, it’s deep and dark, just like it says on the tin haha love it!

  3. jhstarwars2015

    Amazing coffee, have been buying Iron and Fire for over three years now and only just tried the “Dark Side” it is a really rich, smooth, strong and flavourful coffee. Also helps that I am a huge Star Wars fan.

  4. Megan

    I think I have found a new favourite! It’s got a strong flavour and is perfect for a morning cup.

  5. Michela Di tocco

    Punchy and strong beans, great as espresso or with milk.

  6. Joanna

    Love this! Nice and strong but not bitter – loads of flavour. Packs a punch

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