Coffee machine descaler espresso 2x 125ml

A fast-acting coffee machine descaler for domestic home coffee machines. Ideal for descaling the tank of a domestic espresso machine such as a Sage Barista Pro or Barista Express. Product does not affect rubber seals and leaves no traces or odours

Puly coffee machine descaler 2 x 125ml – this liquid coffee machine descaler has been designed so you can safely descale domestic and small commercial coffee brewers without the worry that there will be any damage to the internal workings of your machine. This product is safe to use with all plastics, silicone and aluminum as well as more traditional materials found in larger machines. Packaged in easy to open one shot dispensers. Features: 2 x 125ml liquid descale. No need for dissolving Mix one pre measured bottle with 400ml of water Use on kettles or small water boilers


Coffee machine descaler product features

  • Safely descale home espresso machines and small coffee brewers
  • Easy-to-open one-shot dispensers
  • Liquid formula is pre-portioned and mixes immediately with water in the reservoir
  • Made In Italy

Brand: Puly Caff

Range: Puly Descaler

Quantity: 1×2 125ml sachet

Dose: 125ml Doses per sachet: 1

Total doses: 2

Compatible with: stainless steel, silicone, brass 100% non-corrosive

Also available on our wholesale website: 10L bottle (for commercial engineer use), 1L

Weight285 g

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