How do I descale my Sage coffee machine?

15 July 2022

In this blog we will walk you through how to descale your Sage machine which will help prolong the life of your machine and continue to help you produce amazing tasting espresso every time.

It is worth noting that cleaning your machine is not actually descaling the inside of your machine, it is purely cleaning the machine of any built up coffee oils so doing both a clean cycle and a descale are equally important. Descaling your machine is a simple process and will only take a few minutes when you run the cycle.


As a rule of thumb we recommend you carry out a descale on your sage coffee machine every 90 days (3 months) as this coincides with the end of the life of your water filter attachment. However, if you live in a particularly hard water area, you may need to do this every 2 months to prevent scale build up. Once you have carried out a descale, you will also want to change over your water filter cartridge, as this will help prevent any excess scale building and actually help produce a better tasting espresso (however more on that in a different post).

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STEP1: Remove your water tank from the back of your machine and empty the remaining water and remove the water filter cartridge.

STEP 2: Add your descaling solution/powder to your water tank, along with the required water (as per descaling solution instructions). You do not need to attach your water filter back on just yet.

STEP 3: Ensure that your drip tray is empty, or use a container to catch the water from the shower head and water tap.

STEP 4: Switch your machine on, and then press and hold down the ‘1 cup’ button, until half of your water tank is emptied.

STEP 5: Then turn your hot water tap on the side of the machine on until around a quarter of your water tank is left.

STEP 6: Next, aim your steam wand into the drip tray and turn on until it uses the remaining water left in your tank.

STEP 7: Remove your water tank, and rinse out thoroughly with cold water to remove any descaling solution from the tank.

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STEP 8: Insert a new water filter cartridge into your tank and fill up with water

STEP 9: We like to run a few blank shots of water, a cycle of hot water and also purge the steam wand for around 30 seconds to ensure no solution is left inside of your machine.

STEP 10: You can now make yourself your favourite coffee, and sit back knowing your machine has been properly taken care of.

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